Kit Harington says social media has become “the most dangerous thing” after GOT fame

Kit Harington has revealed social media has become “the most dangerous thing” after he rose to fame on Game of Thrones.

The actor landed the role of Jon Snow on the hit HBO fantasy series when he was in his early 20s.

Speaking on the official Game of Thrones podcast, which was recorded at a Game of Thrones fan convention earlier this month, the 35-year-old said: “I would go on the internet and look at stuff and I would look at reviews and I would look at the comments section, this doom box.

“And it pissed me off. It really screwed me, it really damaged my confidence for a long time. And I had to learn not to look at that stuff.

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Kit Harington as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones (HBO/Sky/PA)

“And then that extended to my actual decision-making when it comes to social media. I thought, I don’t know what this brings me. I know what it takes, but I don’t know what there is.

“I think everyone on their own and some people probably find a lot of brilliant stuff on social media, but I think for an actor on a show like this, it’s the most dangerous thing.

“So I didn’t have to do that. I’m not on social media, I had to detach myself from these things.”

Game Of Thrones followed characters like Jon Snow, the Stark family’s illegitimate son, who joined the Night’s Watch to protect the realm of men from the sinister White Walkers.

Harington was twice nominated for Emmy Awards for his portrayal of the character and starred alongside his wife Rose Leslie, who played his tomboy lover Ygritte on the series.

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He also reflected on the “stratospheric boost” he received after landing his role on the eight-season fantasy epic at such a young age.

“I don’t think there is a perfect or ideal career path for an actor,” he said.

“I got a really stratospheric boost into this world with Game Of Thrones. I dropped out of drama school, I did a play, and then I was on Game Of Thrones and Game Of Thrones just blew up.

“And so I was 21 when it all started. You think you’re an adult at 21, but you’re not, and I think being in that kind of thing is a shock to the system.

“But amazing, what better way to spend your 20s than on a show like this.

“I think what that means is you’re looking for it your whole career as an actor.

“That one thing that just makes it big or that you’re known for. And when you’ve got it in your 20s, you go ‘Shit, now what? What do I do now?'”

Harington is reportedly set to star in a Game of Thrones spin-off that will specifically follow Jon Snow.

Earlier this year, Game Of Thrones creator George RR Martin confirmed a spin-off series starring Harington was in the works, but said, “I can’t tell you much more, not until HBO gives me the green light.”

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