Kognitiv Spark partners with University of New Brunswick to deliver Mixed Reality training resources

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11/22/2022 – Cognitive Sparka provider of Industrial Mixed Reality (MR) solutions based in New Brunswick, Canada, recently announced its partnership with from the University of New Brunswick (UNB) to help the institution advance its immersive technology research. The partnership will provide a pipeline for UNB students to receive hands-on training in a mixed reality research lab and collaborate with Kognitiv Spark.

The Spatial Computing Training and Research Lab (SPECTRAL) is an applied research facility led by UNB Professor Dr. Scott Bateman. SPECTRAL works with partner companies such as Kognitiv Spark at the forefront of spatial computing and MR to provide access to MR tools such as real-time teaching, knowledge sharing and virtual task management.

“An example of real-time education is home health care,” explained Dr. batman. “A patient can perform the movements captured in 3D in real time, allowing them to receive rehabilitation exercise guidance from a physical therapist at home. In addition, by using MR glasses, we can create the illusion that the physiotherapist is standing directly in the room with the patient.”

The partnership will equip graduates with training and experience in MR and virtual reality (VR) research, which is a highly specialized field. Kognitiv Spark added that three former UNB students from the SPECTRAL Lab are actually members of its own development team, working on real software solutions.

Commenting on the partnership, Duncan McSporran, Chief Operations Officer and VP Defense and Public Sector at Kognitiv Spark said: “The partnership with UNB and SPECTRAL is not only a benefit for Kognitiv Spark. The capabilities we collaborate on are critical to developing long-term impact of the technology that we can commercialize in a global marketplace. What’s really exciting is the way we’ve worked together to address fundamental issues in society, including supporting rural and disadvantaged communities, regardless of location.”

SPECTRAL has received extensive seed funding from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, according to Kognitiv Spark, which has enabled access to resources the research institute may not otherwise have been able to acquire. The company itself has also continued to collaborate with SPECTRAL on research funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation (NBIF).

“By working with Kognitiv Spark, we can test new tools for remote training people using leading mixed reality devices like Microsoft HoloLens,” added Bateman. “We offer world-class opportunities in New Brunswick.”

Click here for more information on Kognitiv Spark and its mixed reality remote support solutions here. Click here to learn more about SPECTRAL at UNB here.

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