Krafton launches Road to Valor: Empires: check details

Krafton, makers of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), today launched a new game in India. Road to Valor: Empires is the sequel to Road to Valor: World War II, released in January 2019, and involves players embarking on a quest of army building and exciting battles while commanding mythical guardians and troops . Also Read – Uber Introduces a Ride Tracker on the iPhone Lock Screen

Krafton says the player-vs-player Road to Valor: Empires is the company’s first casual game for India and is available for pre-registration in India starting today. Interested players can now pre-register to download the game from Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. The game will be available to play on Android and iOS devices in March 2023. Also read – Microsoft brings AI-powered Bing to Android, iOS mobile apps and Skype

“We’ve been working on a nice surprise for our beloved Indian audience and are excited to bring Road To Valor: Empires along with Indian nuances and local adaptations. We are delighted to have partnered with our talented studio, Dreamotion, to bring an authentic strategy experience to Indians in a casual format,” said Sean Hyunil Sohn, CEO of Krafton India, on the occasion. Also read – Microsoft Outlook spam filters break down, flooding users’ inboxes with junk email

“With the addition of Native American rewards, a new user interface, and unique features, we hope players will enjoy exploring the world of mythical and historical civilizations,” he added.

Besides the game announcement, Krafton India also shared detailed information about the upcoming game.

Road to Valor: Empires Features

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So here are some of the most notable features of Krafton’s newly launched Road to Valor: Empires:

— It offers English and Hindi support. Users also get a Hindi UI in the game.

— It includes exclusive India-specific updates, such as the option to create custom rooms where users can host, spectate, and play alongside other players.

— The game includes a new optional starter pack with exclusive rewards for Indian users from Rs. 29.

— Players can choose characters from different mythologies such as Athena – goddess of war, Odin – the king of Asgard, Caesar and Cyrus. Players can also choose their Guardians and experiment to see which characters and armies suit their playstyle.

— Players can also select different mythological beasts and gods from the myths of multiple cultures and pit them against their enemy’s army as they vie for supremacy. “As you gradually progress, you’ll unlock features, heroes, units, and better upgrades for your troops,” says Krafton.