Kuwait Projects KSCP: Commenting on a news circulating on social media regarding KIPCO’s exit from its investment in Gulf Insurance.

Our reference: KIPCO/DGCEO 27/23 of March 23, 2023

Boursa Kuwait Company


Subject: Comment on a message circulating on social media regarding KIPCO exiting its investment in Gulf Insurance.

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In relation to the above subject and in accordance with Article (4-4) “Dealing with Rumors and News” of Module Ten (Disclosure and Transparency) of the Amended CMA Rules of Procedure and with reference to the news spread on social media about the Exit of Kuwait Projects Company Holding “KIPCO” from its stake in Gulf Insurance Company”, we would like to announce the following:

As a holding company, KIPCO evaluates exit opportunities for its investments from time to time in the ordinary course of its business. However, no binding and final purchase agreements have been entered into that might require disclosure under CMA regulations.

We also reaffirm our obligation to comply with the instructions of the Capital Markets Authority in this regard.

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Samer Khanachet


Deputy CEO of the Group

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c()..D.:i…o.llg ;.io..o.Jlg a., 2_i…o..o.JI JWIlJl.llJ v-}!g_::, JU,.: > 504.847.626.900

Authorized Issued and Paid Capital: KD 504,847,626,900


180 5885





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Sharq, Kuwait City

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13100 Kuwait


Commercial register number: 23118

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