Kyriba introduces Cash Management AI

Kyriba (“the Company”), a global leader in cloud-based finance and IT solutions, today announced the launch of Cash Management AI, a new artificial intelligence-based solution that leverages data science technologies to predict the availability of Predict cash faster, control and reliability.

The new solution improves companies’ cash management and forecasting capabilities. It will therefore mobilize more confidence and precision to fund investments, a key priority for treasurers given the current environment of rising interest rates and market volatility.

According to a recent IDC survey, 93% of finance leaders use real-time insights and 99% of them use business intelligence to make better liquidity decisions.[1] The report finds that without a strong data strategy using APIs, BI and AI, finance leaders are burdened with inferior solutions and are unable to efficiently consume, analyze and leverage terabytes of structured and unstructured data.

“As market volatility increases, CFOs are demanding more accuracy and reliability from their liquidity forecasts,” said Jean-Baptiste Gaudemet, SVP of Data Analytics at Kyriba. “Data science and analytics are required to learn from the vast amounts of information that finance teams manage on a daily basis. Artificial intelligence helps CFOs use data to make more informed, faster, and more effective decisions.”

“As interest rates continue to rise, an inaccurate forecast leads to underinvested cash and inefficient borrowing. As the opportunity cost of cash also increases, CFOs are demanding more confidence in their cash forecasts to optimize corporate liquidity,” said William Goodall, VP of Sales Northern Europe at Kyriba.

Key features of Kyriba’s cash management AI include:
• Artificial Intelligence (AI): Using built-in machine learning, Cash Management AI automatically learns from historical data and continuously improves predictions with new data
• Confidence Levels: Users can adjust forecasts in real-time by selecting the optimal confidence level based on the organization’s strategy and risk profile
• Business Intelligence: Users can view data in out-of-the-box dashboards with flexible filters, adjustable forecast periods, cash budget calculations and more

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“Artificial intelligence increases data validity and accelerates the ability to view and analyze data in real-time and dynamically with significantly greater reliability, enabling better forecasting of cash flow at the company or group level,” said Antoine Fulpin, former corporate treasurer of numerous publicly traded international companies and advisor to the management of Kyriba in Europe.