LA Attorney Charged with $10M Fraud 86d from Wynn Las Vegas

Posted on: Mar 3, 2023 at 4:00 am.

Last updated on: March 3, 2023 04:16.

A high-profile LA attorney accused of living the high life at the Wynn Las Vegas with $10 million of her client’s money gambled at the casino again last week, this time in disguise, Los Angeles Magazine (LAM) reports. And that’s despite being banned from the Wynn and claiming to be broke.

Sara King was banned from the Wynn Las Vegas in November. That allegedly came after management discovered she had been cheating on customers and employees. (Image: US District Court for the Central District of California)

Sara Jacqueline King was spotted by the casino’s sophisticated facial recognition technology, though she dropped her usual Dior for a baseball cap pulled low over her face, along with yoga pants and a hoodie. She was removed from the premises by Wynn security personnel, according to LAM.

King was banned from the casino in November. That came after management learned that they had allegedly cheated other guests and staff.

One alleged victim was a cocktail waitress who scraped together $5,000 to invest in King’s glamorous and apparently successful business.

“Female Madoff”

That was King Family Lending LLC (KFL), a kind of high-end digital pawn shop. Customers could get quick cash for collateral such as jewelry, luxury cars, and other high-profile items at a higher interest rate than regular loans.

Last month, a KFL investor, LDR International, sued King, alleging that it squandered a $10,258,500 investment earmarked for third party debtors by “investing in the Wynn Las Vegas Resort and Hotel, liv[ing] there for six months, and gambl[ing] 24/7.”

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King lived in a compensated VIP suite, which is only offered to customers willing to play more than $300,000 in a day.

Her favorite games were slot machines. Her ex-husband, Kamran Pahlavi, told LA Magazine that she called herself “the slots whisperer” and claimed to have an unbeatable strategy.

There is no such thing as a “strategy” for traditional slots, let alone an unbeatable one.

Pahlavi, a grandnephew of Iran’s last Shah, said he left King, moved to Morocco and filed for divorce when he learned he had lived with “the female Madoff” for all those years.

FBI interest

King claims she has no money now. Earlier this month, she had the chutzpah to ask LDR for more to regain what she lost, according to the company’s lawsuit.

Despite this, she has been spotted playing at Resorts World and several other Strip casinos, according to LAM.

LDR has referred his case to the FBI, and King’s other alleged victims are said to be in contact with federal agents. She is reportedly being investigated by the California Bar Association for misconduct and her business license to lend money has been revoked.