Latch reaches 100 million annual unlocks with the Latch app and announces LatchOS2 with Dioramic Controls, Concierge, and OpenKit

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Locking Systems, Inc

NEW YORK, Oct. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Latch, Inc. (NASDAQ: LTCH) today announced that it has reached 100 million annual unlocks with the Latch app for iOS, Android and watchOS. Building on the success of the Latch ecosystem of devices, software and services, Latch also announces LatchOS2, the second generation of its full-featured operating system. LatchOS2 will continue to advance Latch’s mission of making spaces better places to live, work, and visit. “From Dioramic Controls to Concierge to our open ecosystem approach with OpenKit, LatchOS2 is completely changing the way people experience their space,” said Luke Schoenfelder, co-founder, CEO and chairman of Latch.

Introduction to diorama controls

With Dioramic Controls, Latch introduces a revolutionary new user interface that allows residents to view and control their spaces within the Latch app. Building on the three-dimensional USD file format developed by Pixar, residents in compatible Latch rooms now have the ability to control all elements in their space through a 3D representation of their surroundings. Rather than scrolling through pages and menus with switches and knobs, Latch App users can click, rotate, and zoom naturally within a representation of their space. Expanded on Latch’s pioneering work with the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), Matter-enabled devices will also be visible and controllable in Latch-powered spaces with Dioramic Controls as part of LatchOS2.

Introducing Latch Concierge

With the introduction of Concierge, residents now have an expanded ability to share access with their trusted guests and services, discover new nearby rooms and services, and purchase rooms and services, all through the Latch app. For activated properties, the concierge is also extending amenities beyond apartment properties by allowing residents to discover and book a membership to WeWork in a simple and integrated new service announced last month. With Concierge and LatchOS2, residents now have the ability to interact with their property and neighborhood from the palm of their hand.

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For real estate operators, LatchOS2 also offers a new way to quickly and easily manage and monetize building facilities and services. With Concierge, real estate operators can set availability and prices and start monetizing new spaces and services in their building. Building occupants currently spend significant amounts of money on services in their properties, but real estate operators have not had easy ways to tap this revenue stream. The concierge can play a pivotal role in enhancing the experience and monetization potential of each space.

In addition to these new features, LatchOS2 also introduces Concierge Pro, a 24 hours a day, seven days a week, remote receptionist for deliveries. Available for rooms equipped with Latch Intercom and Latch Link, property operators can now augment their building staff with a flexible and on-demand resource to enhance their building. An early version of this service was first announced in 2020 as Latch Delivery Assistant, has since served properties across the country and is now a core part of Concierge Pro and LatchOS2.

Introducing OpenKit, an open ecosystem approach

For years, partners have asked for additional ways to leverage Latch’s award-winning ecosystem, and they will finally have the tools they need to create new experiences. With LatchOS2’s OpenKit, Latch partners can now build tightly integrated and differentiated experiences alongside Latch’s patented ecosystem of hardware, software and services, enabling for the first time unlocking and other functionality directly within partner applications.

OpenKit provides partners with best-in-class tools to leverage Latch’s suite of devices, services and software for new experiences in hospitality, delivery and specialized prop-tech platforms. “When we decided to integrate with Latch’s OpenKit, we knew we would provide the best possible mobile access experience for our members in every area of ​​our growing network,” said Bill Smith, CEO of The Landing.

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OpenKit complements both Latch’s active support for the Connectivity Standards Alliance, Matter, and Latch’s increased ecosystem support for RealPage, Entrata, and Yardi workflows around resident move-in and move-out. With the introduction of LatchOS2 and OpenKit, partners now have a complete system that can meet the needs of their spaces today and tomorrow.

Available to the Latch ecosystem

LatchOS2 features will roll out to select customers in the United States beginning this fall and will be available to all customers in 2023. “By combining LatchOS2, Latch T, Latch Link and our full line of products, I am confident that we continue to have the most advanced and exciting product system available for rooms today,” said Luke Schoenfelder, co-founder, CEO and chairman of Latch .

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