Law Degrees and Specializations: Everything you need to know

So you’ve decided to become a lawyer? You worked hard in high school, graduated, and passed your LSATs with flying colors to go to law school.

But you still have a crucial decision to make: what field will you study? There are so many alternatives that you may feel a bit overwhelmed. We wanted to help you by breaking down the fields.

areas of law

This list of areas of law allows you to evaluate some opportunities that you may not have considered before, which can help you choose these electives more effectively.

Admiralty – This is a fairly specific area of ​​law dealing with shipping, navigation, water and insurance. Every aspect of the Law of the Sea. Business – This theme is divided into two types: Small Business and Corporate. Both areas deal with commercial and industrial law. This category includes things like taxation and trademark law. Constitutional Law – When it comes to legal disciplines, this is possibly one of the most comprehensive. The jurist who chooses this path will gain a thorough understanding of the Constitution and its interpretation. Criminal Law – Criminal law is sometimes referred to as public law because it deals with the prosecution of criminal activities that have been designated as such by statutes and statutes. Environment – This is the latest area created as a result of a federal law signed in 1970. Lawyers in this sector will either prosecute or defend companies and individuals whose environmental policies have been challenged. First Amendment – ​​This is the area that focuses on people’s rights to freedom of speech, religion, and the press, as well as other regulations signed into law by the US Congress. Healthcare – This is the profession for you if you want to help fight state and federal healthcare policies. They help with malpractice, patient rights, and bioethical guidelines. Intellectual Property (IP)

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Intellectual property attorneys can assist innovators and businesses with patent, trademark and copyright laws. This attorney will seek to acquire and enforce these institutions to protect the intellectual property of the creator.

Patent law is also a separate specialization. The attorney who selects this specialty helps innovators obtain documents proving their product belongs to them and no one else. If this patent is infringed, these attorneys will institute a lawsuit.

Degree courses in cooperation

Some universities also offer combined courses. Here you can earn both a JD and an MBA to give the prospective attorney more marketability once they are in the job market.

Finally, consider the following:

Choosing an area of ​​law to practice can be difficult if you are not familiar with all of your alternatives. The list above is exhaustive, but even within these subjects there are sub-groups that you should study before making your final decision on what to pursue.