Lawrence County Solicits Community Contributions on Internet Access – News from Ellwood City, PA

NEW CASTLE – The Lawrence County Commissioners this week announced their initiative to assess internet access and connectivity across the county.

Link Up Lawrence is a multifaceted project that collects data and feedback over several months to identify service needs and project opportunities. A final study and report will outline the findings and propose next steps, with the long-term goal of ensuring reliable, high-speed internet is available to everyone in the district.

An important part of the work is engaging those who live and work in Lawrence County to better understand their Internet service experiences. Starting today, a survey and speed test are available to all interested residents, businesses and organizations at

“The work being done as part of the Link Up Lawrence initiative will put the county on a path to improved infrastructure and access,” said Commissioner Dan Vogel. “Reliable Internet is a necessity for participating in our 21st Century economy and society, and our work will ensure Lawrence County will thrive in our online world.”

To gain a fuller understanding of the issues, the county will host several public events to discuss the issue, has formed a task force of local and regional leaders to get their perspectives, and is conducting industry interviews with vendors already represented there the county.

“Public participation is critical to the success of this project and improving internet availability in our county, and we want as many people as possible to be involved in this process by participating in the sessions, speed test and survey ‘ said Commissioner Loretta Spielvogel. “The Link Up Lawrence initiative is a critical step in advancing broadband projects and availability in our county.”

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The data and information collected during the project will be analyzed for a final report and feasibility study. Link Up Lawrence results will be announced in late 2023 and will include recommendations to address areas of greatest need and accelerate broadband projects.

“Expanding Internet availability will level the playing field in Lawrence County and open up new opportunities for those who have been underserved or unserved for far too long,” said Amy McKinney, Lawrence County director of planning and development. “Connecting areas that were unserviced or only had access to unreliable service will improve quality of life and economics.”

The survey and speed test will be available online at through Friday, April 28th. Printed surveys are available for those who do not have access to the Internet. If you would like a printed copy you can call 724-495-4302.

About Lawrence County’s broadband expansion program:
The Lawrence County Commissioners, through the Department of Planning and Community Development, are taking steps to ensure that all Lawrence County residents, organizations and businesses have access to fast and reliable broadband Internet. Working with government and community stakeholders across the county, Lawrence County is seeking to identify gaps within the county for future broadband infrastructure rollouts to keep both urban and rural communities connected and competitive in today’s digital economy.