Lawyer family beaten up by hotel workers in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad: A lawyer and his family were harassed and beaten by hotel workers in the Masuri area of ​​Ghaziabad on Saturday night. Police have arrested nine people, including the hotel owner, after opening a case against them.

According to police, a mehndi event was being held by the lawyer’s family at the Grand Iris Hotel at the time of the incident. A video of this went viral on social media and hotel staff can be seen brutally beating the victims with sticks.

The complaint was that during the event at the Grand Iris Hotel in Govindpuram in Masuri, the bride’s sister had asked the staff to extend the DJ music time. Instead, hotel staff began fighting, tearing up her sari and touching her inappropriately, and locking the family in for two hours.

While the lawyer and his older brother are being taken to a private hospital, more than 10 people on the bride’s side have been seriously injured in the incidents. The accused also hit a 13-year-old boy with sticks

complaint reads.

“About 70-80 people, including family members, relatives and neighbors, arrived at the hotel for my younger brother’s mehndi function, whose wedding is scheduled for Sunday. It was around 12pm when DJ was stopped by hotel staff and we asked them to continue the song. One of the employees had made offensive remarks about us and when we resisted they started fighting with us,” the complainant explained.

“The hotel owner and his cousin had been harassing the girls and we asked them to leave but they surrounded us. My brother and his friends, along with other family members, had tried to save us, but the staff owner asked his staff to come with sticks and they attacked us.

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“More than 20 people hit us and when we tried to flee the site, but the defendant locked the hotel gate and beat us,” the complainant continued, adding that the defendant had stolen a bag

Rs 3 lakh and other valuables


Ravi Kumar, DCP (Rural) said that based on a complaint, an FIR was registered against the hotel owner and staff under Sections 354 (Harassment), 354A (Sexual Harassment and Punishment for Sexual Harassment), 147 (Punishment for Riot) , 323 (penalty for causing injury voluntarily) and 379 (penalty for theft) by IPC.

So far we have arrested nine people in the case and the owner became


“Initial investigations revealed that the owner was not present at the hotel when the incident occurred, but his son was seen in video hitting the person.”

he said.