Layered Ice Cream is Available in Illinois and It’s Scrumptious

Because of my ice cream addiction, I’m in search of a frozen treat every day, and when I find a new place that serves a dessert that’s ala mode, I’m keen on trying.

I’ve tried ice cream in many different forms over the years. Rolled ice cream was the most recent discovery of how to enjoy a frozen treat, and before that it was on a cold stone or marble slab.

Credit: Johnny Vincent

Credit: Johnny Vincent

Using nitrogen is also a new fad, and before that I remember my first cup of dippin’ dots with those crunchy little bits of ice.

And I still remember the anticipation when I was 10 years old, eating at Chi-Chi’s restaurant for the first time and looking forward to trying fried ice cream. I just couldn’t figure out how they stopped the ice cream from melting instantly if you dropped a scoop in a fryer.

Credit: Johnny Vincent

Credit: Johnny Vincent

Now there’s a place that hopes to “revolutionize” the coffee and specialty beverage experience and offer something I’ve never heard of before. Layered Ice Cream.

Candy Cloud is a “fast-serve beverage store” opened in Rockford, Illinois offering 19 main beverage options and flavors that change seasonally.

On my first visit to Candy Cloud at 6286 E. State Street in Rockford, I picked the chocolate cake layered ice cream with vanilla soft serve.

I have to say it was a delightful cold creamy vanilla soft serve dessert with layers of chocolate cake, caramel and toffee chips. I’d suggest adding the extra can of vanilla soft serve to your layered ice cream so you can add a little more if you’re really delving deep into the rich sweetness at the bottom of the famous Candy Cloud can.

Recognition; Johnny Vincent

Recognition; Johnny Vincent

Some of the other newer flavors of layered ice cream are the blueberry pie donut and the honey baklava.

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Lattes, espressos, americanos and other coffee drinks are also available to take away, with some delicious flavors like an Iced Pistacchio Shaken espresso and frappes with cold brew and ice cream.

Iced chai, horchata, energy drinks, and add-ins like boba are also offered at Candy Cloud, along with vegan drinks and “Skinny Revivers” with plant-based caffeine.

CLICK HERE for the current menu at Candy Cloud’s only location in Rockford, Illinois.

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