‘Lazy’ Greyhound Blocking Kitchen Drawer With Head Has Internet in Stitches

A lazy greyhound and his “I don’t give a af***” attitude have failed TikTok users.

The clip, shared by @foxthegreyhound on November 5, shows Fox – a recently retired racing dog – lying on the kitchen floor. The three-year-old greyhound looks extremely relaxed and doesn’t flinch as his owner gently slides a drawer over his head.

Captioned “Most Disturbing Dog of the Year,” Fox and his extreme laziness has garnered 8,000 likes and over 82,000 views since it was posted.

“Cheetah of the Dog World”

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), greyhounds are “gentle, noble, and good-natured” dogs. Dubbed the “cheetah of the canine world,” everything about a greyhound’s shape is designed for speed. With an aerodynamic skull and shock-absorbing pads on their feet, they can reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour.

But just because a greyhound can run fast doesn’t mean they always want to. Greyhounds have a reputation for being lazy and have been known to sleep around 18 hours a day. The AKC says greyhounds are content to “loaf around the house,” and their affectionate nature means they love to snuggle with their owners.

Fox the Greyhound blocks kitchen draw
Fox the Greyhound would rather have a drawer on his head than move from his spot on the kitchen floor. The breed has a reputation for being lazy.

‘Classic Greyhound’

In the video, Fox (wearing a winter sweater) can be seen on the kitchen floor while his owner slowly rolls a kitchen drawer over his head.

As the drawer approaches, Fox doesn’t even flinch. Even the bottom of the drawer tickling his ear shows no reaction, Fox looking completely unconcerned.

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With a soundtrack to a remix of Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust” (but with the lyrics “I really don’t give af***”), Fox’s laziness has garnered thousands of new fans on TikTok.

“Classic greyhound,” commented kerryroberts751.

“Very sweet and chilled noodles,” said user2924569185100.

“He just trusts you to know you won’t hurt him,” Ange wrote, to which @foxthegreyhound replied, “Either that or he just doesn’t mind.”

Many other greyhound owners might relate, Ellen Fisher wrote, “Mine literally does the same.”

“It’s either overly dramatic or 100% IDGAF, they don’t have a middle attitude,” Sophie Ryan agreed.

“Our Greyhound used to sleep in the grass and tried to lie there while he mowed!” said Mel. “We had to physically pick her up and move her!”

While Black Boho Australia wanted to know: “Where do you get such a dog that is not afraid?”

news week @foxthegreyhound asked for a comment.

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