Learn four uses you can give to your old smartphone

Make sure you always update your smartphone with Android operating system. This means you’ve replaced your old device with a brand new one, so it’s likely that you’ve kept your old device somewhere around your house to have another one on hand if you’ve just acquired one. or lost through theft. The problem is that leaving it unused for a long time can damage the battery and even fill it with dust and damage some parts of the smartphone. That’s why this time from Depor we’re going to teach you up to four things you can do with your phone. that you no longer use.

It is necessary that each security application must be downloaded from the Google Play Store, all are compatible. Android 4.5 or earlier versions. Below we explain the steps you need to follow so that you can turn your mobile device into a computer mouse, security camera, alarm clock and WiFi repeater that amplifies the signal sent out by your home router.

How do you turn your phone into a mouse for your PC or laptop? First, set the phone to not lock or turn off due to inertia. They kill all scammers in the same work. To do this, go to “Options” > “Screen” > “Wait time” > select the option 30 minutes, this is the maximum. Now check if your device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your computer or laptop. The next step is to access the Google Play Store to download the application. The Remote Mouse”. You should also install the same on your machine, you can achieve this quickly. Apply both applications, either by scanning the QR code or using your PIN. You get a green screen wherever you scroll and move the arrow on the computer. When you restart or shut down your computer, you may need to update applications. How do you wrap a phone in a case? In Google Play, download the application called “AtHome Camera: Home Security”Click on the next link. With this app you can see any place in your home in real time and remotely. Remember to get the premium version. You can also activate the night mode “Night Vision”. It must be clarified that the images are made in 1280 x 720 and can be saved in the cloud of the same app. How do I turn my phone into a watch? Download the Alarm clock for me app “In Google Play, quick press”. Open it and grant necessary permissions so that it can work without any problems. Then click on the bell icon in the bottom left corner. If you don’t see it, tap something on the screen. Then click the circular cross icon (bottom right) to create an echo. Finally, adjust its configuration, it is also “Soft before alarm” to make you wake up more comfortably. How do I turn my old phone into a WiFi repeater? Download the Wi-Fi Repeater app from the Android store. Open it and click the WiFi icon > give it location permissions. Now enter your terminal’s “Options” > touch the “WLAN” section and save your networks. You will see details like “IP Address” and “HTTP Port”. Copy these numbers with dots and paste them into the “IP Address” section of the WiFi repeater and the “Http Port” into the “Proxy Port”. Finally, the examples shown in red will turn green and you can connect either by entering your name and password or by simply scanning the QR code. What would you do if you found an Android phone? First, we will not refuse the phone. It is true that the owner will try to call your number if it is still available. In the event that the return meeting is coordinated, it would be ideal with the power of the police, this way you have security if it is a stranger. Before handing it over, make sure he unlocks it and gives you his phone number to verify it’s his. If you are in a mall or educational institution (I think) then the ideal would be to report the phone to the Lost and Found section, they take care of everything else. If after several hours no one has contacted you and you find the object on the street, take it to the nearest police station. Remember to state the exact nature of the find, e.g. E.g.: date, time, exact address, etc. The authorities work as if in the hands of the actual owner.

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