LinkedIn introduces AI-powered features for profiles and job postings

LinkedIn announced the launch of new AI capabilities to help users improve their professional profiles and companies to write better job descriptions.

AI-powered headlines and summaries

Personalized writing suggestions, powered by AI, help LinkedIn users create better headings and section summaries based on their experience.

The AI ​​analyzes the information you’ve provided about your employment experiences and skills, determines which information is most impressive, and aggregates that information for your headline and About Us section.

It uses the tone of voice displayed on the rest of your LinkedIn profile to ensure the headlines and summaries generated by the AI ​​are personalised.

This can help LinkedIn users make a better first impression in search results by showing your name and headline when your profile matches another user’s keyword search.

You must fill out the Skills and Experience section of your LinkedIn profile for best results.

Instead of making a list of your responsibilities, focus on highlighting your key accomplishments in each job role. This gives future employers a preview of the results you could get for them.

This feature will be available to select Premium subscribers starting today, with a rollout to the remaining Premium subscribers over the next few months.

LinkedIn offers several premium subscription plans based on your career goals.

This comes just a week after LinkedIn introduced Collaborative Articles, an AI-driven feature that allows users to create more content based on conversation starters and the LinkedIn Skills Graph.

Using ChatGPT as an alternative

If you don’t want to wait until you use AI to boost your LinkedIn profile, consider using ChatGPT+ as an alternative.

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You can copy and paste bullet points from your CV/LinkedIn profile and ask him to summarize it in under 220 characters for your headline or a few sentences for your summary.

You can also use ChatGPT+ to enhance your Company Page by asking them to summarize text about your company’s mission, values, and goals in a sentence or two.

AI-supported job descriptions

Employers who want to spend less time writing job descriptions and more time finding qualified candidates can also use AI to meet hiring goals.

LinkedIn’s AI job description generator helps employers create better job descriptions based on job title, company name, job type, job type, and location. The AI ​​feature also allows you to create job descriptions based on people in your network whose skills and experience match your ideal candidate.

This will be available for select job postings in the US, India, UK, Canada and Australia and will be rolled out to additional employers later this year.

Free AI courses until June 15, 2023

With AI powering so many products—search, social media, and productivity apps to name a few—learning how AI can help you do your work more efficiently is imperative.

LinkedIn Learning has made over 100 courses available for free as of June 15, 2023. Available in multiple languages, these courses cover generative AI, machine learning fundamentals, responsible AI, advanced AI, and applicable AI.

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