List of top 5 most awaited features of WhatsApp, Rolling Out Soon

WhatsApp, the most widely used messaging app, is about to launch another set of super efficient features. Meta’s own social app is currently working on various updates in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčimproving user experience and privacy and security standards.

In testing, these features are currently only available to beta testers. However, official reports state that these features will be rolled out soon, and until then, you can learn all about these features here.

The list of upcoming WhatsApp features is as follows:

  1. message editing option

Want to undo your TAP? WhatsApp now offers users the ability to change texts they’ve already sent. WabetaInfo claims that WhatsApp is now developing a new feature similar to Twitter that will allow users to modify messages within 15 minutes of sending them.

Also check the latest update available only for iOS users.

For messages that have been edited, the new feature will show an “edited label” in the chat bubble. However, it is still unclear whether they can be edited once or multiple times. However, the functionality is currently being worked on and beta testing will begin very soon.

  1. Expand your circle

WhatsApp wants to increase the maximum number of users again. The upper limit is currently 512 members. However, users will soon be able to add up to 1,024 people to a single group on Meta’s messaging network. By this week, a select number of WhatsApp beta testers for Android and iOS will have access to this feature. In particular, the feature will allow WhatsApp to outperform its competitor Telegram, which already supports group chats of up to 200,000 participants.

  1. Label your document

WhatsApp allows its users to send photos, videos and GIFs with captions. But soon the platform will roll out a new update that will allow users to send their documents with captions. The feature also helps users to search for documents received or sent in chat using the search option. The feature is currently in development and will be released for beta testing soon.

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  1. No click for View Once Media

The long-needed feature will now be available for WhatsApp users. The platform no longer allows users to take screenshots of “View Once” media, improving user security and privacy. A few Android beta testers currently have access to the feature, and it’s expected to be available to everyone soon.

  1. WhatsApp Premium

For WhatsApp businesses, WhatsApp plans to provide a new premium subscription tier. Businesses can use this feature to gain access to features at premium prices for extended reach and improved device connectivity. Some business accounts can access an additional subscription called WhatsApp Premium. Currently, select iOS and Android beta users can access the feature. By navigating to WhatsApp settings, beta users can activate WhatsApp Premium service for business.

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To take advantage of all these new features, update WhatsApp or download it from Google PlayStore or App Store.