Lockdown exercises planned for March 1st and 2nd

Be prepared!

Lockdown drills are scheduled for Wednesday, March 1 and Thursday, March 2 across campus.

The University of Houston-Downtown Police Department (UHDPD) and the UHD Emergency Management Office will conduct the drills campus-wide daily over the two-day period from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Please see the schedule below. Messages will be sent via SMS and email to notify members of the UHD community when their building begins lockdown. Text and email notifications are sent upon completion of each exercise.

This year we will implement the new Standard Response Protocol (SRP) for higher education. Information on the new SRP can be found on the UHDPD website. The art term “lockdown” is followed by the instruction “locks, lights, out of sight”. The action associated with “Lockdown” is to secure individual classroom doors, move away from line of sight within the corridor, and maintain silence until first responders clear the room.

Classrooms can be locked by pressing the red button with the word “PUSH” located just a few meters from the teachers’ podiums. Once the lockdown system is activated, the doors can be opened from the inside, allowing occupants to exit; however, the doors are locked from the outside (corridor side). For more information on the Classroom Lockdown System, visit the UHD Emergency Management website.

Although participation in the exercise is voluntary, community members are strongly encouraged to participate. During the respective time, UHD faculty and staff are asked to implement the lockdown procedures for their areas. Community members can participate by muting their phones, turning off the lights, and making sure the doors to their classrooms or offices are locked. Assessors will review all areas during the drills to determine if improvements are needed.

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If you’re in a hallway, public space, or open area, you should look for a place to hide and mute your phone, but leave it on to check for updates via the UHD Alert system. In addition, some offices open to the public have “panic buttons” which are also tested during the drills.

BuildingDay DateStart TimeEnd TimeOne Main BuildingWednesdayMarch 7pm10amAcademic BuildingWednesdayMarch 110:15am 10:30amGirard Street BuildingWednesdayMarch 111am11:15amSciences & Technology BuildingThursdayMarch 29pm 9:15amWellness & Success BuildingThursdayMarch 29:30pm9:50pmShea Street Building Thursday:20. March 10:45 amCommerce Street BuildingThursdayMarch 211:11:15 pm

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