Looking for the next big thing in crypto? This new move-to-earn project could be it

The crypto market is known for regularly launching new projects. None, however, has garnered more attention than new lifestyle platform Fight Out, which aims to revolutionize the health and fitness industry.

The explosive pre-sale phase of Fight Out

Fight Out, which debuted last year, is still finding a foothold in the crypto market. However, the pre-sale period seems to indicate a positive reception awaiting its native token FGHT when it finally makes its long-awaited debut.

To date, the Fight Out team has raised over $5.41 million, indicating growing investor interest in the health and fitness platform.

The platform’s resounding success is not lost on investors, and much of the reason for its success lies in its strong fundamentals.

First off, Fight Out is a move-to-earn (M2E) and play-to-earn (P2E) lifestyle app that helps users achieve their fitness goals.

The platform essentially curates a range of content and masterclasses coupled with fight lessons with top professional athletes to help users achieve their fitness goals.

What has sparked interest is the combat-oriented approach. The blockchain network will allow users to complete workouts and challenges and compete with other fitness enthusiasts. They are also rewarded with real-world network tokens for completing tasks.

This isn’t what gets a lot of people on the edge of their seats though, more like the Metaverse infusion that Fight Out contains.

Health and fitness will be booming in the Metaverse

Living a healthy lifestyle is something many people strive for, and that’s why the health and fitness industry is worth billions of dollars.

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The current section offers users courses, diet modules and training plans. While their bodies are in peak physical condition, their finances are severely drained due to the sheer expense involved in maintaining a truly healthy lifestyle.

However, the Metaverse will quickly alter the narrative. According to a recent report by Statista’s Advertising & Media Markets Insights, the Metaverse will be worth over $500 billion by 2030.

As the virtual reality landscape expands, one of the highlighted industries set to benefit is health and fitness, which is expected to bring in well over $400 billion.

Given the massive potential in the game, Fight Out will be a popular name as it’s the only pure-blood lifestyle project operating in the burgeoning space.

Also, Meta’s growing interest in a UFC-themed Metaverse continues to push Fight Out into the spotlight due to its fighting prowess.

Fight Out continues to receive massive support due to the integration of the “soulbound NFT avatar” concept, making it act as a digital twin.

A digital twin is basically a virtual copy of a physical entity. It is individualized, adapted, and dynamically unique in that it only cares about a specific physical object and can change relative to what happens to its physical counterpart.

Fight Out’s soulbound, non-fungible token avatar allows users to increase their virtual form the more they train. When they complete a challenge or practice regiment, the NFT avatar essentially reflects those changes in real-time.

To further increase user engagement, users can earn an in-game currency called REPS. With these tokens, users can further customize their avatar and boost their virtual stats to reflect their prime physical form.

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So far, top pro athletes have been keen to work with the Fight Out team, with Amanda Ribas and Savannah Marshall among the top names associated with the brand.

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