Looking to Grow Your Business Outside of Social Media? Access the Guide To Increase Quality Leads and Increase Sales

ATLANTA, GA, Oct. 7, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ – The marketing world is changing and some businesses are suffering.

The fact is, an effective content strategy is essential. So many companies have structured their content marketing plan around social media, even when they are ineffective at delivering valuable content.

According to marketers, interactive content accounts for 88% of viewer engagement and is the way to differentiate as a brand. The constant challenge of creating engaging content to attract potential customers is a constant concern for many. CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs and corporations are constantly looking for ways to increase their ideal leads, which leads to continued growth and success.

Should social media be the outlet? Entrepreneurs and businesses that rely on social media are struggling to achieve the reach needed to increase sales as algorithms change in favor of experienced content creators. According to Tamika Carlton, there is a way to solve this problem, and it’s a content strategy for those who make $0 or more than $10 million in sales.

“Search engines like Google, Bing and Safari offer you free added value. If your ideal audience is looking for a need related to your service, product or business, you should show up,” said Tamika Carlton, SEO expert and founder of Tamika Carlton Collective, a digital marketing agency.

Tamika has worked with startups, coaches, ecommerce brands, nonprofits, and political clients with results that have resulted in an influx of ideal clients and quality leads.

“The world is on the move. We need more small businesses to be effective. Far too often those with the most to invest have been able to take over the market despite being junk. I’m all about giving more visibility, reach and revenue to those who offer a service or product that will make the world a better place.”

With over ten years of marketing experience, from grassroots to corporate to technical SEO, Tamika has catapulted her clients to success beyond their wildest dreams. With curated marketing and SEO strategies, clients around the world are seeing noticeable results.

“I’m committed to guiding my clients to lead to longevity and impact,” says Tamika. “Messaging should be engaging, applicable to your audience, and optimized for search engines. My goal is to get more companies and entrepreneurs doing good in the world to be on the front lines. When that happens, the wealth of the world will be more balanced and the impact will be priceless.”

Get access to the guide to increasing the quality of leads without social media by visiting tamikacarlton.com and logging in.

About Tamika Carlton
Tamika Carlton curates unique SEO marketing strategies for small businesses to increase sales. As a Black entrepreneur, SEO expert, public speaker, wife and lover of life, she says, “her love of making something out of nothing” has paid off significantly.

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