Loss of WhatsApp function! New skills for iOS, Android and Windows

Loss of WhatsApp function! New skills for iOS, Android and Windows

Mar 12, 2023 12:05 p.m. read time 3 minutes

The new features are currently limited to beta testers

WhatsApp is busy expanding its list of features to offer users a more seamless in-app experience. In the latest development, Meta’s own platform introduced a group setting to manage an admin approval system on iOS/Android. On Windows, an option is introduced in chats to select multiple messages. The features are currently available to select beta testers.

How does the admin approval system work?

WhatsApp’s latest feature on iOS and Android platforms allows group admins to manage the approval of new members in their groups. When the “Approve New Participants” group setting is enabled, anyone attempting to join a group must be approved by an admin of that particular group. This feature definitely gives admins more control over who joins their group.

The new feature is useful for large groups/communities

In the past, it was possible for users to join any group simply by using an invite link. Now, if an admin approval system is enabled for a specific group, the outsider who wants to join the group must be manually approved by the group admin. This feature can be useful for groups and communities with a large number of participants.

How do I enable the admin approval system?

Within a group, the admin approval system can be enabled via “Group Settings” and turning on the switch for “Approve New Participants”. Now the group admin can approve the incoming requests from the Pending Participants section available on the group info page. The new feature gives admins more control over who joins the group. You have the power to approve/deny new requests.

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Windows Beta users can now select multiple messages together

WhatsApp has added a new feature to its Windows beta that allows users to select multiple text/multimedia messages within a conversation and then delete or forward them altogether. Previously, users were only able to delete or forward messages individually, which was time-consuming and laborious. Thanks to this function, several messages can be selected at the same time.

How do I use the “Select” function?

On Android, you can press and hold a text message to trigger the “Choose” function. However, on Windows, click the “Choose” option in the context menu of a text message conversation. Alternatively, right-click anywhere in a conversation to enable the “Select Messages” option. Now select the desired number of messages to be deleted, marked, copied or forwarded at the same time.