Love is in the air at the #GatorLove Kick-Off Luncheon

This Valentine’s Day marked the ninth year of the Give To Gators (G2G) annual faculty and staff fundraiser with their kick-off luncheon #GatorLove.

UHD Annual Giving, with Voya Financial as presenting sponsor, hosted 180 faculty and staff who mingled and enjoyed a taco buffet. UHD’s mascot, Ed-U-Gator, showed up for the photo op with the contestants!

Special guests included 15 students who benefited from private philanthropic donations to the university. They shared their stories of how their gifts transformed their college careers – a testament to the true impact of private giving.

President Loren J. Blanchard attended the celebration and spoke about the history of UHD’s service to others and how our staff philanthropy serves as an example that defines the university’s “culture of caring.” He also thanked lunch attendees for the work they do each day to support student success and donors for their contributions to the G2G campaign, which provides the financial foundation to build that success.

Provost Deborah E. Bordelon’s message emphasized the importance of faculty and staff collaboration and recognized the work of the G2G Committee members, representing all UHD departments. She also issued a challenge for 100 percent participation from all faculty and staff. Bordelon went even further and rewarded each unit that achieved 100 percent attendance with pizza to deliver.

“There aren’t enough thank yous for the gratitude I have!” said Sandra Jacobson, manager of UHD Annual Giving. “From the students who took the time to share their stories, to the G2G committee members who made the launch of this campaign possible, to our dedicated leaders, like Provost Bordelon and President Blanchard. We have the best Gator community ever!”

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The G2G campaign runs until March 31st. So don’t miss your chance! Where and how much you give is your choice. Popular funds include the Food for Change Market, UHD’s General Scholarship Fund, and campus favorites – the Library Excellence Fund and IT Scholarship Fund. A new addition is the Determined Gator Fund.

For more information about the campaign, visit the G2G Campaign online or contact UHD Annual Giving Manager Sandra Jacobson at [email protected] or 713-221-8184.

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