Magicycle Deer Review: An Electric Bike SUV for All Kinds of Riders

It’s been over half a month since Magicycle’s so-called e-bike SUV came onto the US market. The unique e-bike model caused an uproar in the e-bike market as Magicycle claims it is an e-bike SUV. This is a relatively new term, even for most e-bike enthusiasts. If you try to google “ebike suv” there won’t be many results either.

But that’s what makes Magiccycle so special. There is currently no such e-bike SUV from other brands in the United States. An e-bike SUV literally refers to an electric bicycle specifically designed for off-road use with features and capabilities similar to those of a sport utility vehicle. These types of adult electric bikes are growing in popularity as riders look for more versatile and capable options for exploring rough terrain.

To satisfy the curiosity of people who need to get familiar with the electric bike SUV, this Magicycle Deer review has all the details.

Magicycle Deer Electric Bike SUV Specifications

Motor: 750W rear hub motor. (Maximum power: 1100W)

Top speed: 28 miles per hour

Battery: 52V 20Ah 21700 lithium battery

Weight: 92.3 pounds

Frame: 18″ 6061 aluminum frame

Suspension: Hydraulic full suspension system

Tires: Kenda 26″x4.0″ fat tires

Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes

Load capacity: 400 lbs

full suspension system

Magicycle Deer is Magicycle’s first full suspension electric bike. The front suspension is an aluminum hydraulic lockout spring fork, while the rear suspension is a hydraulic spring located in the center of the bike itself.

When driving on Magicycle Deer, the full suspension system works almost completely. You don’t need to pick up rough terrain to test its shock absorbing ability, and you can feel the full suspension system’s great effect on flat roads.

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Of course it will be much easier to see how Magicycle Deer absorbs bumps and bumps on bumpy and demanding roads. Both the front and rear suspension work so well that they provide a comfortable and stable ride. They offer a more efficient and sustainable mode of transport that allows you to get around with ease. With the advent of Magicycle Deer, you can enjoy a smoother and more comfortable ride than ever.

Versatile e-bike SUV

An e-bike SUV represents an electric bicycle model that combines several essential characteristics, including comfort, off-road capability, range, performance, etc. These characteristics make the Magicycle Deer versatile. While you feel like exploring the trails, the Magicycle Deer ensures the stability of every bike ride with its fat e-bike tires and full suspension system.

Equipped with a 52V 20Ah lithium battery, the full suspension e-bike offers a long range between 60-80 miles, which could be a perfect range for riders to embark on a long-distance adventure.

The 750W rear hub motor is really impressive as it can reach a maximum power output of 1100W. For riders who like to drive off-road, this motor could be a great helper. The full suspension system means you can tackle rough terrain with ease, and the powerful hub motor provides that extra push you need to conquer hills and other challenging obstacles.

Convenient anytime, anywhere

All in all, the Magicycle Deer could make any ride comfortable. This isn’t about where you are and when it is. In demanding terrain, the full suspension system helps to easily absorb shocks that could affect driving. This means you can ride for long periods of time without feeling tired or sore. Nothing changes when driving Deer on flat and slippery roads. Riders can experience the stability of e-bike rides whether running errands or daily commutes.

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Magiccycle has everything under control

As a competitive e-bike brand, own factory is the key factor for Magicycle to compete in the market. In case you don’t know what it means, we explain it to you here.

Owning a factory brings several benefits – quality control, cost control, flexibility, innovation and supply chain management. With a factory, Magicycle has better quality control over the quality of its products, including the Magicycle Deer full suspension electric mountain bike.

Owning a factory allows Magicycle to customize products and respond to customers’ changing needs. In addition to its own technological innovation, Magicycle has developed its first full suspension electric mountain bike.

The price is not a problem

Most importantly, Magicycle Deer is more affordable than most other brands of full suspension e-bikes. This e-bike model usually costs a lot more than regular e-bikes, which is why many people do not consider buying a full-suspension e-bike. Currently Magicycle Deer price starts from $2,649 and you could save $300 by using coupon code FH300. Additionally, if you would like to buy 2 Magicycle Deers, you can even get $700 by using coupon code NA700. For more information, see the following link:

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