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Making 5G connectivity a priority for Sarawakians

Published on: Sunday February 19, 2023

From: Bernama

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Ultra-fast connectivity would allow students in rural areas to gain as much knowledge as possible online from good teachers and lecturers than students in cities or larger towns. – Pix by Ansys MIRI: It is high time to make ultra-fast 5G connectivity a priority for Sarawakians not only in the towns and cities but also in the remote rural areas, said Datuk Liwan Lagang, Deputy Minister of Utilities and Telecommunications in Sarawak Sarawak, on Saturday this would ultimately make the ultra-fast 5G speed relevant to end users to narrow the digital divide not only in Malaysia but also in the state. According to him, the ultra-fast connectivity would allow students in rural areas to get as much knowledge as possible from good teachers and lecturers online than students in the cities or larger towns.


Presenting 5G technology from Ericsson and Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB) at Curtin University here, he said ultra-fast connectivity can span long distances between teacher and student to deliver high-quality, real-time, interactive distance learning in a Metaverse classroom with Augmented to provide hardware for reality or virtual reality (AR/VR). “I hope that next-generation educational applications like the ones we saw at Curtin University will soon be followed by other breakthrough use cases in Sarawak. I am also fascinated by the prospect of applying the technologies to Sarawak’s key industries,” he said. Liwan said the rollout of 5G connectivity would help Sarawak meet the key economic and employment milestone envisaged in the Post-Covid-19 Development Strategy (PCDS), which will boost the state economy from RM136 billion in 2019 282 billion RM in 2030. He witnessed a demonstration of how a lesson by Dr. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Senior Lecturer Syafiqah Saidin in Kuala Lumpur in front of a group of students from Curtin University here, where they all interacted with AR/VR headsets.

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David Hägerbro, head of Ericsson Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, said the demonstration is a strong example of the world-class 5G network Ericsson is delivering to DNB and the opportunities it opens up in Malaysia. He said Ericsson’s 5G expertise and technology enabled DNB to provide connectivity to schools, hospitals and businesses located in historically underserved areas where it would not have been cost-effective to provide wired connectivity. “We believe that the technologies presented here today will pave the way for bridging the digital divide, accelerating Malaysia’s aspirations in the digital economy and providing it with the advantage to leap forward in the region,” he added. * Follow us on Instagram and join our Telegram and/or WhatsApp channels for the latest news you don’t want to miss. * Do you have access to the Daily Express e-paper and exclusive online news? Check out the available subscription plans.