Malaysian internet celebrity MsPuiyi last dance

SWAG Live, Taiwan’s livesPlatform, Exclusively Offers Her last adult content video before her retirement

TAIPEI, December 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MsPuiyi (Siew Pui Yi), Malaysias the most popular internet celebrity in adult entertainment has stunning looks and a hot body. With every move that made headlines, she abruptly announced her retirement from adult entertainment. Signed by SWAG, Taiwan’s Adult live streaming platform, at a sky-high price, will launch their latest work with X-rated exclusive content starting today (June 6).th).

MsPuiyi (Siew Pui Yi), Malaysia's No. 1 internet celebrity in adult entertainment, joins SWAG Live

MsPuiyi (Siew Pui Yi), Malaysia’s No. 1 internet celebrity in adult entertainment, joins SWAG Live

As the first actress in South East Asia to appear on the cover of Penthouse magazine in The United StatesMsPuiyi (Siew Pui Yi), with more than 20 million followers, has even eclipsed many artists on stage Singapore, Malaysia, Europe and The United Statesand was named one of the “Top 100 Sexiest Women in Malaysia‘ from Malaysian Magazine.

SWAG pointed out that MsPuiyi (Siew Pui Yi) was a regular user of Taiwan’s famous social media platforms PTT and Dcard, and operated OnlyFans adult content, which had attracted tens of thousands of fans around the world to pay and subscribe. Considering her sudden exit from the adult entertainment industry would come as a shock to her fans today, SWAG contacted her ahead of the retirement press conference and signed a deal with her, giving her enough money to buy a house Taipei, Taiwan. SWAG further stated that exclusive “live content” from MsPuiyi (Siew Pui Yi) would be available on the platform immediately 6th of December.

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MsPuiyi (Siew Pui Yi) emotionally said in the press conference earlier that she will end the OnlyFans update and officially part ways with the adult industry to pursue her music dream of becoming a DJ. Declaring her strong determination, she solemnly personally popped a black balloon with negative labels to denote rebirth. The message from MsPuiyi (Siew Pui Yi)’s resignation immediately attracted more than 200,000 likes on IG, with many people also commenting, “Good on you, wish you the best!” , “Great move planning for your future!” “I will definitely support you at SWAG”, “See you at SWAG”.

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