Malloc brings an ultra-secure VPN service with a new design and additional features to its popular Android app

Malloc VPN: Privacy & Security is the new version of the popular Antistalker app that encrypts traffic, blocks ads and prevents spyware from collecting user data

Malloc re-introduces Antistalker and enhances existing privacy and security features with a VPN data shield and a new design. The app is now available on both Google Play Store and App Store.

Malloc VPN: Privacy & Security, the new version of the popular app antistalkerallows users to browse privately while protecting themselves from spyware.

Malloc is an AI-driven privacy and data security startup that helps people and organizations protect their data and protect their online privacy.

Malloc’s new VPN encrypts a user’s data and routes it through secure servers, making it virtually impossible to spy on their online activities. Malloc is unique in that it blocks known spyware, crypto-mining websites, and adware, ensuring a user’s device is protected from these malicious programs.

Here’s an overview of what to see after a user installs the app from the Google Play Store.

Secure VPN servers

Malloc currently provides servers for encrypted and private browsing via servers in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom – with the list expanding with each app update.

VPN privacy

A unique security feature, the VPN Data Shield, complements the VPN and blocks ads and all communications related to spyware, data trackers, crypto mining and adult content websites.

Real-time spyware detection

Malloc detects spyware like NSO Pegasus and Cytrox Predator in real-time by detecting anomalies in a user’s network activity. The app notifies the user when spyware is detected and prevents it from collecting data.

monitoring console

Through the Monitoring Console, a user can review where their data is being sent and any blocking attempts to send data. Malloc is one of the few apps that allows a user to have full knowledge and control over where their data is being sent. This function is only available during an active VPN connection.

Malloc VPN on Android devices still offers all the features of the well-known Antistlker app, including Device Security Scan, Root Check, Mic Blocker and Permission Manager.

Whether someone is concerned about their online privacy or simply wants to protect their device from spyware, Malloc VPN: Privacy & Security is the perfect solution.

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