Man Carries 9 Children on Bicycle, Video Shocks The Internet

According to the United Nations, the world population is said to have reached 8 million on November 15 this year. The unprecedented increase in the number is linked to improvements in medicine, nutrition and high fertility. If such a trend continues, humanity will bear the brunt of overpopulation.

From employment problems to frequent conflicts, limited transportation and natural disasters, overpopulation needs to be addressed. Similarly, this viral video of a man carrying 9 children on his bike shows the dangers of overpopulation.

A Twitter user named Jaiky Yadav shared the video in question on the microblogging platform. “Today the world population has reached 8 billion. These people have done a lot to achieve this feat,” he tweeted.

The now-viral image shows an African man biking down the street while 9 children are somehow crammed into this fragile two-wheeler. While three of the children sit in front of the vehicle, the other three cling to the man from behind. The rest of the three children surround the cyclist on all three sides. The sight is heartbreaking as it appears the children are clinging to the vehicle for their lives during the uncomfortable ride.

As soon as the post circulated on Twitter, social media users reacted to the tweet and voiced their concerns. “From this it can be predicted that if it took that long (11 years) to get from 7B to 8B, it won’t take that long in the future… That means it will go from 8B to 9B in less time , in about 4-5 years,” commented one user.

“Poverty is visible, maybe there is only one cycle in a common family. By the way, you look African in the photo and you know the poverty there,” agreed another. Meanwhile, a third person was somewhat dubious as to whether the man was the children’s father, writing: ‘Are you sure you usi k baacche he saare? In Africa the schools are far away… it looks like a case where a man takes the kids to school.”

The video, which has received over 117.1K views and more than 5K likes, is not the first example of a large crowd gathered in a single vehicle. Previous footage captured from India showed a very similar scene.

The clip shows a family of 6 — an adult male, two adult females, and four children — somehow yelling on a motorcycle and navigating a confined space. The video left Twitterati stunned.

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