Manhattan Deed Transfer Lawyer Natalia Sishodia Explains The Differences Between a Deed and a Title

Manhattan deed transfer attorney Natalia Sishodia ( publishes a new article explaining the differences between a deed and a title in New York. The attorney mentions that the task of conveying a deed is something that a real estate buyer or seller must contend with. Deed transfers are commonly used to identify sellers and buyers in a home sale. A deed contains legal descriptions of the property as well as the signature of the seller.

“In real estate transactions, a deed refers to a document that documents ownership of a property. A title, on the other hand, is a document that shows the owner’s right to control and use a property. A title and a deed are two different things, although they both mean you own the property,” says the Manhattan deeds attorney.

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The attorney explains that understanding the differences between title and deed is important to making wise decisions about a property purchase. A title is a way of proving that the person who owns it owns the property. It is proof that they have the right to use the property. With a title, the person can make any desired changes to a property.

Lawyer Natalia Sishodia adds that a deed records the transfer of ownership between the seller and the buyer. Documents are submitted to the registry office or to a court. Without this approval, the document is not binding. Understanding the differences between a deed and a title can help new owners know what documents they should receive and their legal status on the property.

In the article, Attorney Sishodia says: “The conveyance of a deed may seem simple at first glance. However, this is not always the case. Deeds have a significant impact on the legal and financial aspects of a real estate transaction. Deeds are also the final proof of ownership of real estate. Simple mistakes in the legal description of an act can have serious consequences many years later.”

Finally, the real estate lawyer explains that it is very important to have a lawyer for real estate transactions. An experienced attorney may be able to assist in planning and reviewing the documents associated with the transaction.

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