Many Galaxy S23 Ultra devices have WiFi problem and a possible solution might be too late

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series has just been released and it has already reported some bugs and a screen issue. And now many Galaxy S23 Ultra users are reporting that their devices have no internet via WiFi. Galaxy S23 Ultra connected but no internet issue According to multiple threads on Reddit and Samsung community forums, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is having WiFi connection issues. It looks like the phone connects to wifi without internet access. If there is no connection, the connection will not last long. Most of the users say that the Galaxy S23 Ultra is the only device experiencing this issue and other devices in their home are working fine.

So my wife and I both bought S23 Ultras. I have Black, she has Purple, both unlocked. IT guy here, gigabit internet with WiFi 6 router (TP-Link AX11000) I had the infamous WiFi – “Connected but no internet: every day since we got it on February 17th. My wife’s phone has never had it. I’ve tried all the fixes/workarounds and mirrored them on my wife’s S23U to see if I can get her to have the problem. Nothing worked on my phone but my wife still didn’t have the problem. We both did the February update yesterday and I still have the problem, they don’t. If it’s a firmware or drive issue it should affect us both, but since it’s their phone the issue hasn’t happened and many people in threads about this issue have stated they didn’t have it, I’m inclined led to this being a hardware issue with the wifi radio/receiver in our phone.” Reddit user jericko

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The prevailing theory is that this problem only occurs if you have a WiFi 6 router. WiFi 6 or 802.11ax is a new breed of wireless technology and it goes without saying that not everyone has a WiFi 6 router. Many still have older standard routers, while some users have routers with the newer WiFi 6E technology.

Suspecting it had something to do with the WiFi 6 protocol, I switched back to my old WiFi 5 router. The phone has since remained connected for more than 24 hours where it previously dropped the WiFi 6 connection within an hour or two.” – Reddit user -avenged-

Disabling WiFI 6 and WPA3 encryption protocol fixed the issue for some users. A factory reset also solved the problem for some Galaxy S23 Ultra owners. A user suggested disabling the random MAC address and switching to the phone MAC.

Samsung is apparently aware of the problem and is working on a solution. A Samsung rep apparently told a Reddit user that the next update would fix the problem. By the time the update arrives, Galaxy S23 Ultra early adopters will be outside of the return window. So if the solution doesn’t work and it turns out to be an ongoing problem, which is unlikely, your best bet would be to file a warranty claim. Affected users will have to rely on mobile data for the time being.

Android Central author Andrew Myrick says he experienced the issue on his Galaxy S23 Ultra and that the February 2023 update improved the situation somewhat.

It’s not clear how many units are having the issue, but the number doesn’t appear to be low as some users say they’ve seen the issue on multiple units.

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New phones often have bugs, so this is nothing out of the ordinary and probably won’t stop the Galaxy S23 Ultra from becoming one of the top phones of the year.