Many people in America claim that they can become famous while creating content in the social media/digital information world

As many content creators become famous on various social media platforms day by day, many Americans also think that they can become famous by creating content. According to a survey of 2,000 Americans, 4 in 10 believe their content can go viral on social media. The likelihood is high too, as content creation is the fastest growing industry right now, making someone a superstar every hour of the day. 41% of people say they want to become popular after creating something for social media, while 3 in 10 say their content has already gone viral.

The poll also asked them why they want to go viral, so 39% answered that they want it for the money as there is good money to be made by being popular. But some people (37%) are also passionate about creating for audiences, while 35% say they want to create content because they don’t want to work for anyone. 58% say everyone should treat content creation like a regular job because too much hard work, sweat and tears goes into creating meaningful content and that’s why 49% say that they know they will make a decent amount from this content creation. This poll showed that 43% of Americans want to create their own content, but not many of them can reach that level. Content creation seems like a simple and easy thing, but a lot of people don’t know how it all works. Just as 4 in 10 people in the survey think content creators will create any type of content and become popular, while 29% believe content creators will sketch out an idea about the content they want to create and then do it incrementally. 10% of people think that content creators create videos just for their own sake. What people don’t know is the difference between content creators and influencers. While content creators need to brainstorm different ideas for their content, influencers only become popular by promoting branded products. Two out of three Americans have a faint idea of ​​the difference between content creators and influencers and can easily distinguish between them.

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People also shared their thoughts on the length of the videos. 57% of respondents said short videos are best for creators as more followers engage with the content, while 55% say they are willing to watch long videos from the content creator if they like the shorter videos. About 81% of people say they get most of what they know about content on social media from the people who create content there. Many people also shared their thoughts on what type of content creators they like and what they think of them.

More than half of Americans think content creation should be treated like a real job

Many people in America claim that they can become famous while creating content on social media

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