Mark Ruffalo Tweets for Native Land Rights, “Wins the Internet”

Details by Native News Online staff, February 21, 2023

Actor and activist Mark Ruffalo took to Twitter on Monday to express his support for Native Americans by restoring state stewardship to tribal nations.

The Hulk actor retweeted a Huffington Post article about co-stewardship arrangements between tribal nations and U.S. government agencies, prompted by a November 2021 joint secretariat order by Home Secretary Deb Haaland (Laguna Pueblo) and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.

Ruffalo tweeted, “This is a beautiful step toward restorative justice for our Native Americans. It took a long time. It feels like a gesture to heal national wounds and disharmony.”

The social media post prompted a media outlet to run a story with the caption, which read, “Hulk star Mark Ruffalo is winning the internet and standing up for the rights of Native Americans whose land was stolen by America.”

The actor has long been an outspoken ally of Indian Country. In 2016, Ruffalo traveled to North Dakota to join protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline in Standing Rock. He returned to the state in 2018 to mobilize Native American voters.

He also attended a summer 2021 exhumation ceremony at Carlisle Indian Boarding School, the first Indian state boarding school where nearly 180 Native American children died and many more suffered horrific abuse and neglect.

The ceremony was coordinated by the Rosebud Sicangu Youth Council, led by Rachel Jannis (Rosebud Sioux), who praised Rufflo for her efforts in bringing the tribe’s relatives home.

“I may be a hero on TV, but you’re my hero in real life,” Ruffalo told Jannis.

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Ruffalo is also signed with actress, author, activist and Emmy Award winner Sarah as Executive Producer of Lakota Nation vs. the United States – a feature-length documentary chronicling the modern-day quest of the Lakota Indians to reclaim Black Hill Eagle Heart ( Oglala Sioux).

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