Markiplier Dislyte Hero debuts in a free-to-play mobile game

YouTube content creator Markiplier debuts as a guest character in the free-to-play mobile game Dislyte for the limited-time April Carnival event.

The dark world of Dislyte is preparing to enter a new era where players will awaken their inner rebel. Beginning April 11th, players will enjoy a wealth of new content brought to the game’s summon banner by the latest Dusk & Dawn update with the introduction of the Goddess Athena. The mythology-inspired mobile game reaches new heights with never-before-seen Espers, an April Carnival event and limited-time appearances by a surprisingly familiar face.

Dusk and Dawn: Nyx ​​and Athena

The Goddess of War and Goddess of the Night, Athena and Nyx join the roster of powerful espers as Leora and Elaine, orphaned sisters who embrace their rebellious natures deeply. Sisterly love extends only so far into the world of Dislyte, where skill, determination, and dedication to the cause rank first for any respectable Esper. The question is where seven years apart will make this couple stronger or more violent than ever.

Leora and Elaine enjoy co-fighting skills on the battlefield, refreshing gameplay and adding to the joy of team building, a cast of very powerful and diverse heroes, each bringing special abilities and unique effects to each battle.

Enter: Markiplier

Nyx and Athena aren’t the only new faces in this new content update. During the April Carnival event, Nyx could be acquired for free along with Hati simply by participating in the Carnival event.

Additionally, the gateways between dimensions and time itself will break open as part of the Carnival celebrations, adding a special limited-time guest character in the form of the sole Markiplier as a friendly NPC as part of the event’s “Beard Contest.”

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And Markiplier isn’t the only content creator debuting at this event. Dislyte also welcomes Camille, a wolf girl vtuber based on Skoll, the moon-eating wolf creature known in Norse mythology. Camille is also an active social media influencer who can be followed at @vtubercamille on Instagram and @SuperCamille on Twitter and YouTube.

The Dusk & Dawn Dungeon

The main gameplay aspect of this new content patch is the addition of the Dusk & Dawn dungeon. More than a standard dungeon challenge, the Dusk & Dawn Dungeon officially invites all wayward travelers and those homeless. There is a prize, but players have a chance to earn many rewards. In this dungeon, tiles will reveal forbidden areas like underground laboratories and dark towers. Childlike joy can be bought in the Dusk & Dawn Dungeon, but pure agony is free if you linger too long.

Dislyte is a free to play mythology-inspired RPG mobile game featuring characters called “Espers” as manifestations of gods, goddesses and mythical creatures from various mythologies that you can download from Google Play Store and Apple Store. For everything else gaming related, stay with ClutchPoints Gaming.