Marshall University: A master’s degree that succeeds with you

Located in the city of Huntington, West Virginia, Marshall University is home to a diverse and inclusive campus that welcomes all to its campus. A graduate education here is research-oriented yet student-centric, with a welcoming community and a long tradition of success.

Founded in 1837, Marshall is named for John Marshall, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (1755–1835). Marshall has a powerful mission built on three core values ​​– to inspire learning and creativity that ignite the mind, nourish the spirit and promise a better future.

Marshall is recognized as one of the most affordable universities in the US and believes that education should be accessible to all. In autumn 2020, the university welcomed 11,962 students, including 254 international students from 56 countries.

PhD students will particularly benefit from a Marshall training. The university receives $49.6 million in research funding annually, with Marshall researchers constantly striving to address today’s challenges and improve local quality of life. With over 20 centers and institutes, the university encourages hands-on learning and engagement in solving real-life problems.

Marshall offers multiple master’s programs such as MBA, Master of Science in Health Informatics, Master of Science in Information Systems, and Master of Science in Accounting, providing an education that will serve you now and throughout your life, whichever path you choose.

This corresponds to their motto “Your success is our business”. Not only do students receive an exceptional college experience, they also take away an exceptional education. Marshall graduates are ready for the next steps in life, whether it’s pursuing a research-based doctoral program like the Doctor of Business Administration, transitioning into the career they’re in, mastering it, or advancing to the executive class.

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Source: Marshall University

Take Yuan Feng for example. The 25-year-old, originally from China, is currently doing his Master of Science in Human Resource Management here. Since arriving at Marshall, she has gained confidence, learned to be independent and understood what it takes to work in a team.

“As an international student, I grew from being dependent on others to being able to organize my studies and life independently. Because of my poor knowledge of English, I used to be very shy when it came to talking to my classmates and professors. But I have found that most of my classmates and professors are very friendly to international students and listen to them very patiently and guide them,” she reflects.

“During my studies, I had to work with different students on group projects, which made me realize the importance of communication and teamwork while working with others from different backgrounds.”

She is now more confident and plans to return to China as a graduate to contribute in her country in Human Resources. “I think some of what I learned here was more practical, for example we often simulated labor arbitration, negotiation and collective bargaining. This will help me in my future career because I won’t be nervous or overwhelmed when I come across similar jobs,” she shares.

Source: Marshall University

There are more exceptional commercial degrees at Marshall.

Marshall’s Master of Business Administration is perfect for those who already have a business background and want to improve their management, critical thinking, communication and problem-solving skills. The rigorous curriculum focuses on applying theory to practice – an approach that produces people ready to meet the current needs and changing demands of the global marketplace.

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In addition to the core curriculum, students can specialize in one area by taking two electives that best suit their interests. Some of these subjects include: accounting, finance, human resource management, marketing, and supply chain management.

The accredited and interdisciplinary Master of Science in Health Informatics program is the only one of its kind in West Virginia. It combines health and technology and is considered a STEM program. Students receive an intersectional study of the design, development, adoption, and application of IT-based technologies in healthcare and other industries.

The Master of Science in Information Systems program offers students a comprehensive experience that blends business, information technology, and the human element. Here, students gain a holistic view of how individuals and organizations can make data valuable.

As graduates, they are able to use information technology to improve organizational effectiveness and tackle complex business and information systems challenges, while applying skills in design thinking, critical thinking, and problem-solving to help organizations meet the needs and meet market demands.

The MS in Accountancy program prepares students for a successful career start while meeting the requirements to become a Certified Public Accountant. Available in both online and physical classes, the program provides professional accounting research methods using electronic databases as well as computer auditing techniques.

Courses offered include Audit Theory and Practice, Advanced Controllership, Auditing Accounting Information Systems, Advanced Income Tax Procedure, Professional Development and Ethics in Accounting, Government and Business Relationships, and more.

Whichever graduate program you choose, you will be pushed to go further and do better while being fully accepted for who you are. Combine this with a safe environment, immense guidance and extensive resources and you will learn how to come out of your shell and reach your full potential.

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If this is the path you aspire to, learn more about graduate admissions here.

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