Matrimonial ad lists ‘Tier 1’ premier institutes as partner preference, netizens amused

Marriage announcements in India are notorious for their strict specifications, their apparent favoritism of caste endogamy, and sometimes a bizarre list of demands. A similar ad went viral on social media.

In addition to the standard list of preferences such as height, age, and location, the ad looks for a person from “top tier institutions (Tier 1)”. Educational institutions such as IIT Delhi, BITS Pilani, NIT Calicut, IIM Ahemdabad, IIM Bangalore and other popular colleges are preferred.

A screenshot of this courtship was posted by a Twitter user Raj Kunkolienkar (@kunksed) on Oct. 17 and has since sparked discussion about the absurdity of courtship in India.

One Twitter user mocked the ad for listing colleges as “Tier 1” and wrote: “Will be helpful to the public if they can list what all colleges are also under Tier 2 and Tier 3 😀”. Netizens also commented that the marriage ad looks more like a job ad.

Another person wrote: “Just a humble request, please also show applicants credentials like education, height and such… just to see what is the reason for being so specific and having requirements that are so difficult are to be fulfilled!”.

In early September, a similar marriage ad went viral seeking a groom for a 24-year-old “beautiful MBA girl with a wealthy family business background.” Among the preferences, the ad mentions that they are not interested in accepting suggestions from software developers. The ad boldly says “Software engineers please do not call“.