Matt Cardona’s horrible night ends with a loss in the Impact Internet Title Match

Matt Cardona had a rough night during Thursday’s Impact Wrestling broadcast. Aside from the injury and Kane pushing him offstage in his wheelchair and Eve Torres kissing John Cena, this could be the worst night of Cardona’s wrestling career.

The evening was promising as Cardona was booked against Joe Hendry in the main event of the Impact Digital Media Championship. It was Cardona’s chance to reclaim his status as king of the internet. Things quickly turned sour as soon as he entered the venue.

Cardona was ushered into his private dressing room with shrimp cocktail and champagne, but there was a mistake. The security guy thought he was Hendry. Cardona was taken to his real dressing room, which turned out to be a broom closet.

Cardona later complained to the staff, stating he would rather change in the parking lot. Cardona’s words were taken literally and he was escorted outside.

Cardona’s night just kept getting worse. He hunted for best friend Brian Myers, who was gulping down a shrimp cocktail that Hendry had given him. Myers even clapped Hendry’s theme song as a conga line from the backstage guys danced by.

It was finally time for the main event. It was Cardona’s chance to turn his fortune around. The opening bell rang. Both men charged to the center of the ring. Cardona jumped and hit his leg lariat finisher from Radio Silence! 1, 2, kicked out Hendry. Oh that was dramatic.

Hendry regrouped and the match continued competitively. Cardona was able to connect to Funkstille for the second time. Hendry kicked out again. Cardona took a high risk as he scaled the turnbuckles for a flying radio silence. Hendry caught him to counter a powerbomb. Cardona kicked out.

Myers ran in to help his friend. He slipped the title belt into the ring in front of the referee. The referee caught the foreign body. This was a ruse for Myers to enter the ring behind the official’s back. Myers called for the roster cut lariat, Hendry dodged, and Cardona ate the contact. Hendry threw Myers out of the ring, then the champion finished off the challenger with a chokeslam spinebuster. Cardona’s dreams have been shattered.

When it rains it pours. Moose ran for revenge on Hendry. The champion dodged and Moose impaled Cardona instead. Hendry celebrated with the diss track “Edge’s Bitch” about Cardona. Fans chanted “Edge’s Bitch” in Cardona as the show went off the air.

Rumors still abound about Cardona’s eventual return to WWE to join his wife, Chelsea Green. Whether or not that comes to fruition, this sure felt like a way to potentially end Cardona’s time in Impact.

Did you shed a tear over Matt Cardona’s horrible night?

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