Maximize relaxation and meditation with the MindLax sleeping mat

The MindLax sleeping mat has the potential to put an end to your sleep problems. This novel solution, supported by state-of-the-art MWS technology, gently stimulates the body’s cells through conduction and vibroacoustic waves to promote deeper and more restful sleep.

Are you tired of lying up all night? Do worry and stress-related sleep problems affect you? After years of study and development, MindLax has released the Sleep Aid based on Multi-Frequency Waveguide System (MWS) technology.

The National Sleep Foundation states that adults should get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night. Studies show that many people miss this goal. According to a separate study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one in three American adults report sleeping fewer than 7 hours a night.

A variety of negative effects such as Ailments such as decreased performance, impaired cognition, and an increased risk of accidents and injuries can result from sleep deprivation. In addition, studies have shown that people who are persistently sleep deprived have a higher risk of developing diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and depression.

How the MWS technology works

Based on Scripps Research’s Nobel Prize-winning ideas, Sleep Induction by Mechanosensory Stimulation in Drosophila, and Possible Mechanisms for the Effects of Sound Vibration on Human Health, the MindLax team developed the MWS sleep induction technique. Mechanical waves, propagating at a speed of 12,000 m/s, are sent to the brain by creating vibrations on an alloy substance with multiple frequencies ranging from 5 to 47,000 Hz.

You will hear a sound from our mat once your brain has processed the mechanical vibrations. The brainwave entrainment that occurs during this time causes your brain to transition from an anxious to a relaxed state.

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The vibration generated by this system effectively strengthens alpha brainwaves in the user’s brain. Alpha waves bring about a sense of calm, an increase in inventiveness, and an improvement in your ability to learn new things. The most obvious methods to expand your ability to stay in an alpha state are mindfulness and meditation, but this is a completely different approach.

Properties and advantages of the MindLax sleeping mat

A safe, drug-free, and non-invasive sleep aid, the MindLax Sleeping Mat is made from soft, silky, high-quality conductive materials. The materials in the device were created through independent study and development of nerve regulator conduction materials. The company says they conduct and transmit sound 6 to 12 times more effectively and faster than standard materials.

The device combines vibrations with a soothing soundtrack. It uses rhythms of white noise, pink noise, instruments and ambient electronic music. Each sound-producing note causes a small, pleasant vibration of the mat, providing a cellular-level massage that helps the user relax.

In addition to promoting nighttime rest, the MindLax sleeping pad can also be used to optimize Yoga Nidra and enhance naps. It can also help make road trips more comfortable. The mat uses a classic triple design that opens fully to 102cm x 74cm.

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In addition, MindLax sleep specialists have developed a companion app with multiple smart modes to help users develop healthy sleeping and relaxation habits. The software is powered by an AI algorithm based on data collected from extensive use in clinical and physical therapy, ensuring that no matter the length of rest, you are refreshed and prepared for whatever comes next . Users just need to select the desired mode and duration to instantly relax and feel rejuvenated for the day ahead.

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The MindLax sleeping mat is available now on Kickstarter and will ship in May. With 22 days to go and around $240,000 raised, the crowdfunding campaign to make this product a reality is a success. If you’re unsure about participating, the company promises all backers a 21-day risk-free refund if they find MindLax isn’t working for them.

Price: $199 and up

Increased: $242,027 from $5,000 target

Estimated delivery: May 2023
22 days left

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