Michelle Zatlyn, Co-Founder and President of Cloudflare – Hashtag Trending, the weekend edition for February 18, 2023

This week, I discuss internet and security trends with Michelle Zatlyn in the weekend edition of Hashtag Trending. Zatlyn is a Saskatchewan-born entrepreneur who co-founded the multi-billion dollar company Cloudflare, leading it from startup to public company, where she is now President.

Each year, Cloudflare publishes an annual review, a global snapshot of the internet in 2022. About twenty percent of web traffic travels through Cloudflare servers. This gives Cloudflare unique insight into the biggest hacks, internet trends, and more.

I am not suggesting that big radical things will happen next year, but we do know that changes will happen – small at first and then, when we least expect it, with great momentum. So today’s small changes are tomorrow’s paradigm shifts (oooh, we haven’t heard that phrase in a long time.)

So what’s happening in the next year or two in terms of the global internet? And since Michelle’s roots are in Canada, we can ask what’s happening in Canada?

Michelle and I talk about everything from cybersecurity to the impact of 5G and more. Much of our conversation stems from the results of the Cloudflare report. Some of it is just a great opportunity to meet this incredible Canadian entrepreneur.

Here are some of the findings from Cloudflare’s latest report on Canada:

Canada is one of the most internet connected countries in the world. Cloudflare blocks an average of more than 513 million attacks per day in Canada (as of EOY 2021)

Industries in Canada most at risk from cyberattacks include consumer electronics, wholesale, security and investigations, higher education, public safety, manufacturing and media (by 2022).

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Canada is among the top countries targeted by L3/4 DDoS attacks. Looking at destination countries, Canada is the sixth most popular destination, right behind Taiwan, Korea, China, the US and Singapore at number 1 (most recently in Q3 2022).

Internet traffic continues to increase, traffic has increased by 30% worldwide (by 2022)

Risks continue to escalate around the world as well, with cyberattacks on the rise and up 40% year-on-year. Cloudflare blocks an average of 126 billion cyber threats every day.

More than 90% of all cyber attacks start with phishing. Cloudflare Area 1 identified and blocked nearly three quarters of a billion unwanted messages from customers’ inboxes; including malicious phishing, BEC attacks, imitation spoofs and spam emails (in Q3 2022.