Microsoft and Verizon team up to bring “true native mobile experiences” to teams

Microsoft is now bringing native mobile experiences to Teams through its new partnership with Verizon. It is aimed at business users of the well-known communication platform, which now offers US business customers access to dedicated mobile features from Verizon to make Teams calling and communication functions more convenient.

A key benefit Microsoft and Verizon are highlighting in the new service offering is the seamless transition from Teams to calls. This is done through the only company-provided phone number for mobile and desktop devices. Users also get a unified notification system so they can get notified and take calls from any device and Teams endpoint.

It’s worth noting that the concept is not new. It is also one of the features of other communication apps such as Meta‘s Messenger, which is free. Current users of the app can be notified simultaneously on different devices signed in with the same account. However, this function has a very limited function. Unlike Messenger, Verizon’s Mobile Teams offering allows calls to be answered and transferred from one device to another without the user hanging up.

In addition, the offering offers business customers a number of other features that make Teams calling more accessible. For example, Teams can now be accessed through the phone’s native dialer. Verizon also says that calls made this way are routed through its LTE network’s voice over, giving you excellent call quality.

While the offering is obviously focused on allowing Teams to call across different devices more seamlessly, Verizon says it’s more than that. Calls aside, it is designed to create a unified enterprise mobile communications solution that creates combined call history data and streamlines management and governance. It also eliminates the need for other voice solutions, which should reduce the costs companies spend on various communication services. Above all, business users are guaranteed a quality privacy and security service from Microsoft, unlike other communication platforms, thanks to the multitude of features Teams now have at their disposal.

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This isn’t Teams’ first mobile offering for business users. Microsoft has already rolled out the same service with other carriers, but Verizon is the first telco in the US to bring it to the country’s market.

The new offering is just one of Microsoft’s latest aggressive moves to further push Teams as the top platform for enterprise communications. In February, the new Teams Premium add-on is expected to be released, which will bring new advanced features to the users. However, it also marks the Transfer of some Teams features included with the Microsoft 365 subscription for Teams Premium.