Microsoft is reinventing Office apps with artificial intelligence tools

ANI | Updated: March 17, 2023 5:28 AM IST

Washington [US]March 17 (ANI): Microsoft is reinventing software development on its Power Platform, including Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel and Word, with AI-assisted no-code development and adding new features like Copilot.
In an event Thursday (local time), the company announced that Microsoft 365 users will soon be able to use what the company calls an AI “co-pilot,” Microsoft said in a statement.
“Makers now have a live, in-studio co-pilot to help them develop solutions and suggest improvements. To create an app, flow, or bot, you can describe it in natural language and the copilot can create it in seconds. It just is,” the statement said.
“Copilot in Power Apps makes it easy to keep data at the heart of any application. Describe the purpose of your application and a data table will be automatically generated for your app. With Copilot, developers can then use natural language to tailor the app to their needs. Now anyone can build an app, and professional developers can also save more time by focusing on more complex code, components, and integrations. Learn more about Copilot in Power Apps,” it added.
Microsoft Power Platform said it will enable AI-powered development experiences for all developers by 2021.
Power Apps was one of the first products to use GPT commercially, and Express Design in Power Apps has enabled makers to automatically turn their drawings, images, and Figma documents into app user interfaces (UIs). This union of AI and low-code is revolutionizing the way solutions are built and fundamentally changing the way people work, collaborate and create.
In addition to Copilot and recent announcements of creating text with the GPT model feature in AI Builder and conversation enhancers in Power Virtual Agents, Microsoft is also announcing another set of AI-powered features for the Microsoft Power Platform.
This includes optimizing the user experience with embedded GPT-enabled chatbots in Power Apps that offer an in-app assistant. It also includes GPT-enabled data exploration in Power Apps, allowing end users to intelligently query their data for instant and actionable insights.
Microsoft’s announcement comes a month after it made similar AI-powered capabilities available to Bing, and amid a renewed arms race in the tech industry to develop and deploy AI tools that can transform the way people work , shop and create. Earlier this week, competitor Google announced it would also be bringing AI to its productivity tools, including Gmail, Sheets and Docs, CNN reported.
The news also comes two days after OpenAI, the company behind Microsoft’s artificial intelligence and the creator of ChatGPT, unveiled its next-gen model, GPT-4. The update stunned many users in early testing and a company demo with its ability to draft suits, pass standardized exams, and create a working website from a hand-drawn sketch, according to CNN. (ANI)

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