Microsoft: Microsoft may have just taken away Google’s “biggest concern.”

ChatGPT wowed users when it launched last November thanks to its ability to provide human-like responses. Just weeks later, Microsoft stepped in (for the second time) with a multi-billion, multi-year deal with OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT. Among other things, the deal brings ChatGPT’s conversational AI capabilities to Bing, Microsoft’s Google search rival.
As ChatGPT’s popularity skyrockets, many are predicting, some believing, and others fearing that AI chatbots could soon replace Google’s search business. However, Microsoft appears to have addressed at least some of Google’s “biggest concerns.” In a recent blog post, Microsoft has said that the new Bing will not replace or supersede internet search.
“Bing is working to improve search, not replace it”
Since the launch of the “new” Bing, the company has been working to improve search results by gathering feedback from a limited number of people around the world. It added that Bing “is not a replacement or replacement for the search engine.”
“Since we made this available in a limited preview, we’ve been testing with a select group of people in over 169 countries to gather real-world feedback to learn, improve and make this product what we are.” know it can be – which is not a substitute or replacement for the search engine, rather a tool to better understand and comprehend the world,” noted Microsoft.
Test Bing
The company also listed some of the “insights” it has received since Bing launched. It says teams are working on challenges posed by queries that need very timely data like live sports scores.

Microsoft also plans to quadruple the ground data sent to the model for requests that require more direct and factual answers, such as: B. Figures from financial reports.
“Finally, we’re considering adding a toggle that gives you more control over the precision vs. creativity of the response to tailor it to your request,” Microsoft said.
AI increased engagement on Bing
Another point highlighting that AI will be a “co-pilot” when it comes to displaying contextual search results is that Bing is increasing its engagement with traditional search results and with the new features like summarized answers, the new chat -Experience and watched content creation tools.

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“In particular, the feedback on the responses generated by the new Bing has been mostly positive, with 71% of you giving the AI-powered responses a ‘thumbs up’. We’re seeing healthy engagement in the chat feature, with multiple questions being asked throughout a session to discover new information,” Microsoft noted.
The Windows maker says it’s had good feedback on how to improve search results and integrate more features, including booking flights and sending emails.