Microsoft’s new Bing and Edge go mobile, Skype also gets ChatGPT

After many ups and downs with the new Bing, Microsoft is now bringing the new Bing and Edge to smartphones. Not only that, the new Bing is coming to Skype too.
Microsoft relies heavily on Bing and Edge
Two weeks after the release of ChatGPT-powered Bing and Edge, over a million users from 169 countries have been enrolled in the preview program, and it’s constantly expanding the preview to include more people, Microsoft says.
The Bing mobile app, available for iOS and Android, features a modern design and interface. By tapping the Bing icon below, you can start a chat session with the same features as the desktop version.
According to Microsoft, 64 percent of searches come from smartphones, which is why the new Bing and Edge are coming to smartphones.
You can ask both simple and complex questions and receive answers and hints. You can choose from a variety of response formats, including bulleted, text, or simplified responses. You can refine your request by exploring the Bing chat feature, or even compose an email, poem, or list.
The new Bing mobile app now includes voice search, a highly requested feature from the preview community that offers greater flexibility in providing prompts and getting answers. This feature will be available for both mobile and desktop versions.
Additionally, users with preview access can enjoy the new Bing experience right from the Microsoft Edge mobile app home page.
Chat intelligently with ChatGPT powered Bing in Skype
To improve how you collaborate with friends and family, Microsoft introduces AI-powered Bing for Skype. With this new Skype you can have a co-pilot for your group while you stay connected and plan your next meeting.
Add Bing to your group like any other Skype contact and ask Bing to answer questions and provide information for everyone in the chat.
For example, if you’re talking about a family reunion, you can ask Bing for suggestions about travel destinations, weather forecasts, and events during your trip, and everyone in the chat will get the results. When you meet up with friends, you can ask Bing to pull information from the web, such as B. the latest news or awards, which you can include in your conversation.
You can customize how you want your answers presented, whether in bulleted form, text, or a simplified answer, and B can accommodate your preferences. In addition, Bing can speak more than 100 languages ​​and translate between them.