Mind-blowing iPhone trick changes how you scroll

Each new generation of hardware and iOS introduces new features to improve the overall experience when using an iPhone. Not all of these features are groundbreaking, nor are they always features that Apple can discuss during WWDC and its iPhone launch events. But the iPhone gets some useful tricks with every new iOS version, some of which may not be immediately obvious to the user. One such addition is a mind-blowing fast-scrolling iPhone trick that aims to speed up website browsing in Safari, social media apps, and other applications.

Not long ago I showed you an amazing iPhone volume control that you probably don’t use. I know it wasn’t me, despite being a longtime iPhone user.

Knowing this, the fast scrolling trick on iPhone will seem familiar to you. However, this one is even harder to find, especially for someone who just got their first iPhone. Unlike the volume slider, which is prominently displayed on the left side of the screen when you want to control the volume, the scroll bar is barely visible.

Scroll BGR.com as usual on iPhone: Notice the narrow scroll bar in the top left corner. Image source: Chris Smith, BGR

Apple fans know why. The company did its best to hide the scroll bar on iPhone and Mac UI. The scrollbar disappears when you’re not using it, but Apple couldn’t completely get rid of the visual UI element. It might not look pretty, but you need a scrolling indicator for websites and apps to give you an idea of ​​where you are on the page.

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Scrolling on iPhone and iPad works flawlessly. You tap the screen with one finger and move it up or down. However, there may be instances when you want to scroll faster than your finger can. Maybe it’s an online store, a multi-page document, a social app or website, or a photo gallery. And you’re looking for a specific piece of information a few screens up or down.

That’s where this iPhone scrolling trick comes in. The gesture is incredibly simple and very easy to master.

Tap the screen as if you want to scroll and mimic scrolling until the scroll bar appears. Quickly tap and hold the scroll bar until you feel haptic feedback. They are waiting for a small vibration. The scroll bar will also get thicker if you can see it under your finger.

Once that’s done, scroll down without releasing the scroll bar. This is the key element that makes scrolling much faster on iPhone.

Fast scrolling BGR.com on iPhone: Notice the larger scroll bar in the top left corner. Image source: Chris Smith, BGR

You don’t have to use it all the time, but now there’s a way to take advantage of it if you really need faster scrolling on iPhone. Of course, the same trick also works on the iPad. And if Apple ever brings touchscreens to Macs, the same gestures will work in macOS.

To use the iPhone/iPad fast scroll gesture, you need iOS 13 or higher on your device. That probably isn’t a problem for most people since most iOS devices run Apple’s latest operating system variants.

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