“Mobile gaming is just as tough as PC gaming”: Brawl Stars winner cutesans after DreamHack win

The Snapdragon Pro Series Brawl Stars tournament was one of the highlights of DreamHack San Diego, with a massive stage, the world’s best teams, and a passionate audience. STMN Esports came out on top after an incredibly intense run, proving they are the team to beat heading into the Snapdragon Mobile Masters at DreamHack Japan next month.

WIN.gg spoke to STMN Esports’ Curtis “cutesans” Whitaker, a dynamic player known for his unrelenting in-game aggression. He spoke about growing mobile gaming and why it’s as legitimate as PC games like Counter-Strike and League of Legends.

STMN Esports Wins Snapdragon Pro Series Brawl Stars at DreamHack San Diego

After his team’s victory, cutesans took some time to talk to us about the importance of events like DreamHack San Diego.

How does it feel to win this big event?

cutesans: It’s a big win for the team. After a difficult first few months, we are finally successful. We are excited and all happy to be here and we are having a great time.

They went through losers and then reset the match in the finals. What was it like surviving such a challenging run?

We were very confident because all the sets were close and we thought we could finish it today.

What does it mean to attend a big in-person event like DreamHack?

It is great. You see everyone you’ve ever spoken to and there are so many nice people.

It was a great showcase for Brawl Stars. Why do you think mobile esports deserve more attention?

Mobile gaming is amazing. It’s something anyone can pick up. It’s really fun. I would really recommend it.

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You said earlier on stage that you are the aggressive player on the team.

When I first started playing Brawl Stars, I didn’t like being boring and passive. I just like getting things done. Me and my teammates, I told them I’m going to keep shutting it down, so hold on and we’ll find out.

How did you get so good at Brawl Stars?

I was a beta player and just spent a lot of time grinding and playing the game. I always learn something new.

Did you ever think it would get to this level for you?


Was that your goal?

I’ve always loved video games, especially mobile games.

Do you think mobile gaming is as legitimate an esport as PC gaming?

I believe mobile games are as hard as PC games, console games. It all takes skill. That’s how you play.

How does it feel to go to DreamHack Japan?

I’m excited about Japan. I’ve never been out of the country or anything. I look forward to playing with them in a new world.

They just beat Tribe Gaming in the finals, but they’re also going to DreamHack Japan. Are you excited to continue your rivalry with Tribe Gaming in Japan?

In Japan we will also attack them. We will take our time, learn our designs and come back to Japan even stronger.