Mobile Legends: Vexana Combos For Beginners

Mobile Legends: Vexana combos for beginners

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After Vexana was reworked Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Patch 1.6.94 on June 28th I started using them more often.

Thanks to the rework, her combos are easier to execute than before. If you are a beginner and looking for a mage hero that you can maneuver easily, Vexana is one of the best heroes I can recommend.

Before we go through the combos, let’s first learn each ability of this mage hero.


When Vexana or his undead knight (who spawns when her ultimate is unleashed) hits a target, whether minions or heroes, they become cursed and explode upon death. If there are enemy teams affected by the blast, they will also be cursed.

Skill 1 – Deadly Grip

This is a crowd controlling skill and very effective at it. However, the player must ensure that the ability hits the target in order to naturally activate the crowd controlling effect and deal damage. With Vexana’s first skill, a phantom claw strikes terror into the first enemy hero hit.

Ability 2 – Cursed Blast

Vexana’s second abilities deal significant damage to the enemy. However, it should be noted that there is a slight lag with this skill. I suggest maxing out this skill compared to Deathly Grasp.

Ultimate Ability – Eternal Vigil

As mentioned, an undead knight will appear once her ultimate is unleashed. However, this also has Crowd Control abilities. Simply aim at the enemy’s location to launch them into the air. The Undead Knight, which has its own HP, stays on the battlefield for a few seconds or until its HP is depleted.

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Now that you’re familiar with Vexana’s abilities, I’m going to share with you the combos I use when playing this mage hero.

Ability 1, Ability 2, Ultimate Combo

The key to this combo is the first ability, Deathly Grasp. Vexana has a crowd controlling ability for a reason, so you might as well use it properly.

When Vexana’s first skill hits the target, the enemy team becomes “terrified” for a short time. This delay is enough to activate the second skill. To top it off, be sure to aim for the enemy team when unleashing the ultimate ability to regain control of the enemy by knocking them into the air.

Ultimate Combo, Skill 1, Skill 2

Most of the time I find it easier to use this combo because I’m casting the ultimate skill first. As mentioned, if you target the enemy team and activate Vexana’s ultimate ability, it will knock them up into the air. In this short amount of time, use your first skill to “scare” the opposing team.

While the enemy team is controlled by the crowd, the Undead Knight will continuously attack them, dealing significant damage. Finally, apply the second skill to ensure the enemy team takes maximum magic damage.

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