Modern gadgets, technology help J&K Police turn heat on terrorists, criminals

Modern gadgets and technology help the J&K police stand up to terrorists and criminals

Srinagar, Nov. 17 (SocialNews.XYZ) Policing in the Himalayan region has become more efficient as the numerous steps taken by the government to equip the Jammu and Kashmir police force with modern equipment and technology have made terrorists and criminals sweat.

Over the past three years, J&K police have incorporated futuristic technologies like artificial intelligence, drones, robotics, etc. to improve their capability and ability to hit hard on the Pakistan-sponsored terrorists.

The use of modern equipment and technology has helped police stay two steps ahead of terrorists, criminals, smugglers and rogues.

The J&K police officers use technological tools for crime prevention and investigation, including predictive policing, big data analysis and also mobile forensics.

J&K police is ready to integrate GIS mapping system, data security, learning management system, integrated traffic management system, latest communication system, etc. in the coming days.

J&K Police gets lead role

After August 5, 2019, when the center announced its decision to remove J&K’s special status and split it into two union territories, the government has emphasized that J&K police have a leading role in the fight against Pakistan-sponsored terrorism transfer.

The J&K Police have become the country’s most formidable force as they have fought Pakistan-sponsored terrorism for the past 32 years.

J&K Police personnel have faced numerous challenges on various fronts over the past three decades.

Despite difficult situations, the J&K police along with other security forces have made tireless efforts to eradicate the scourge of terrorism from the former princely state.

The police perform a variety of tasks, including counter-terrorism operations, police bandobast and investigations, and the provision of various services to the general public.

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In addition to all of these duties, the J&K Police play a parental role in counseling the misguided youth and directing their energies in a positive direction.

The J&K police carry out many activities to increase their social quotient as part of the Citizen Action Program in addition to running drug cessation centers.

In 30 years, JKP lost 1,600 brave hearts

Over the past three decades, J&K police have eliminated hundreds of terrorists. The force has lost more than 1,600 personnel in 30 years of fighting terrorism.

Pakistan-backed drug terrorism is the latest challenge. The J&K police are taking every possible measure to destroy the ecosystem of this narco-terrorism and they have had great success in their efforts.

Over the last few years, J&K Police has been proactive in adopting the latest technology to address various challenges and this move has paid off.

In October of this year, the J&K government had set up a six-member empowered committee at the Union Territory level, headed by Treasury Commissioner Home, to “consider the modernization plan of the Jammu and Kashmir Police Force under the Program of Assistance to States or UTs and submit it to the Department of Home Affairs (MHA) for approval.

In September, the MHA’s high-level committee discussed the Jammu and Kashmir Police Force’s modernization plan, with a focus on the purchase of sophisticated weapons worth Rs 248 crore, with top officials from the affected departments of J&K, including the Interior and Finance departments.

Procurement of modern equipment

Over the past two years, the Jammu and Kashmir Police have procured modern equipment to identify and disperse the explosives, including Improvised Explosives Devices (IEDs). The force has also procured bulletproof vests for its personnel to minimize risk to their lives during counter-terrorism operations.

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Total containment vessel, also known as “truck bomb”, was added to their armory by J&K police to defuse bombs and IEDs that claimed the lives of dozens of security personnel after a 1990 Pakistan-sponsored insurgency in the Himalayas region erupted.

The J&K Police have also purchased Remote Operating Vehicles (RoVs) and Unarmed Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) which have given a major boost to aerial surveillance in the Union Territory.

As part of the Police Modernization Program approved by the Ministry of Interior, the J&K police have been equipped with the necessary mobility, modern technology, weapons, communications equipment, etc. over the past three years.

decrease in violence

After the abolition of Article 370, a temporary provision in the constitution, three years ago, there has been a steady decline in violence and killings of civilians in J&K.

According to data released by J&K Police in August this year, between August 5, 2016 and August 4, 2019, 3,686 incidents of public disorder occurred in Kashmir, including the deaths of six security guards.

In the next three years after the repeal of Article 370, 438 incidents of public disorder were simultaneously reported in Kashmir and not a single member of the security forces was killed in any law and order situation.

The police data states that from August 2016 to 2019 around 930 terror incidents were reported in Kashmir, which decreased to 617 in the next three years. During the same period, the number of security forces killed in militant attacks was reduced from 290 to 174.

From 2016 to 2019, 191 civilians were killed in terrorist incidents in Kashmir, which dropped to 110 over the next three years.

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In three years, Kashmir has not seen a single day of shutdown as the separatists who acted as Pakistan’s stooges have been trimmed and shown their proper place.

Rockfalls and large gatherings at terrorist funerals are history.

key role

The J&K police have played a crucial role in breaking the backbone of terrorism in Kashmir as their operatives have used all the resources at their disposal to end the proxy war started by Pakistan three decades ago.

J&K Police Officers have worked closely with the Central Forces stationed in Union Territory. They have played a crucial role in sending the message to Pakistan and its sponsored terrorists that their nefarious plans will never succeed in the one-time princely state.

After J&K’s transition to a Union territory, the Center has handled matters head-on, with a particular focus on making the J&K Police Force one of the most efficient armed forces in the country.

J&K cops have worked hard to learn new techniques and incorporate technology into police work. Their hard work has not been in vain as terrorism is on its last legs in Union Territory and peace has become an enduring feature of J&K.

Source: IANS

Modern gadgets and technology help the J&K police stand up to terrorists and criminals

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