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54kibo sells home furnishings inspired by African style and craftsmanship. They are the only online shop that offers unique products and channels with exciting stories from the African continent. The craftsmanship combines centuries-old techniques with modern applications to create aesthetically pleasing and practical products.

54kibo is a quality African home decor company that now markets its wide range of stunning furniture and lighting designs across the United States. Its products offer style and uniqueness that enhance the ambiance of any home and are the solution to the dreams of any luxury homeowner or interior designer.

The beauties are among the favorites of his lighting collection modern pendant lights and rope pendant lights. With a full range of luxury pendant lights or exquisite African home decor, 54kibo is the online retail store to visit.

54kibo was launched in 2018 in Brooklyn, New York by Harvard Business School graduate Nana Quagraine. The first part of his name stands for the 54 countries of Africa, the 1.2 billion people who live on the continent and for the African diaspora.

While “Kibo” honors the highest point of Mt. Kilimanjaro – a snow-capped volcanic cone on Africa’s highest peak. A pioneer in promoting African design, its unique lighting, wall art, rugs, furniture and quality gifts honor Africa’s design heritage by combining sustainability, elegance and African craftsmanship.

Available online at 54kibo, the pendant light was featured in the 2022 blockbuster superhero film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and the new modern African style has garnered tremendous interest in recent months. Infused with an African-inspired style, these pieces are so well crafted that they have risen to the forefront of the premium lighting and modern home decor industry. They have become a mainstay of unique home design and are imbued with the magic and spirit of classic African motifs.

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54kibo’s online store provides customers with the most strikingly appealing designs, and by curating quality home accessories, they enrich the history of African design. Customers can be assured of the quality of all products sold by 54kibo as the company policy ensures that every item purchased by their customers can be easily returned or exchanged.

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54kibo furnishings are the work of 50 inspired and highly creative product design specialists who have studied at renowned design schools in Africa and around the world. They are leading the next generation of Africa’s creative industries and preserving the continent’s artisanal history.

These products are then made by artisans who value sustainability, using ethical manufacturing techniques to ensure their workers are prioritized. Local materials are used in production, resources are reused and charity is practiced. Using only non-toxic materials and gentle production methods to produce their distinctive designs, they offer high quality items that blend African heritage designs with modern techniques.

The company attaches great importance to preserving craftsmanship, training workers and sharing skills. So when customers shop at 54kibo, the proceeds go towards preserving Africa’s artisan knowledge. To preserve this knowledge for future generations.

54kibo’s high-end luxury online store offers products designed with elegance and personality in mind – an alluring home decor that will evoke nostalgia in any home. The company meticulously curates the items, ensuring they are of the finest heirloom quality, using the finest materials with natural and soothing textures, culminating in a distinctive range of products.

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About the company:

54kibo is a premier online African home decor store that ships to the United States. Sustainability, elegance and African craftsmanship collide in their curated collection of lighting, wall art, rugs, furniture and gifts that evoke Africa’s design heritage. 54kibo is a pioneer in promoting African design heritage.


For more information about 54kibo, contact the company here:

54 Kibo
Nana Quagrain
[email protected]
137 Montague Street, Ste 329 Brooklyn, New York 11201 USA