MODMOBILE opens 100 branded stores in India offering affordable refurbished cell phones, laptops and accessories

New Delhi [India], Feb 20 (ANI/PNN) – The Modish Group recently announced its foray into the refurbished mobile phone segment in India with the launch of its MODMOBILE brand. The company has now announced its plans to open 100 branded stores across India over the next year to offer customers a wide range of refurbished mobile phones, laptops, mobile phone and car accessories and other products. The refurbished cell phone market in India is growing at an unprecedented rate compared to new phone sales. MODMOBILE’s entry into this market was groundbreaking, offering affordable options for those looking to buy smartphones within their budget.

With the launch of these new franchise stores, MODMOBILE aims to make refurbished mobile phones and laptops accessible to customers across India and offer them the convenience of finding quality products and accessories under one roof. The stores will also provide a platform for local entrepreneurs to collaborate with MODMOBILE and help grow the brand. “We are delighted to announce the opening of MODMOBILE branded stores across India. Our goal is to provide customers with access to a wide range of refurbished cell phones, laptops and other products at competitive prices. With the increasing demand for refurbished mobile phones in India, we are confident that our brand will resonate with customers and provide them with a reliable and affordable option for their communication and technology needs,” said MODMOBILE spokesman.

The MODMOBILE brand shops offer customers a unique shopping experience where they can browse a large selection of refurbished mobile phones and laptops, get advice from experts and purchase high-quality mobile phone and car accessories. The stores also provide customers with a comfortable and secure environment in which to make informed purchasing decisions, backed by reliable warranties and after-sales service. The announcement of the expansion of MODMOBILE branded stores across India comes at an opportune time as the refurbished mobile phone market is gaining traction in the country. The move is expected to spur growth in this segment and create new opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses alike.

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MODMOBILE’s commitment to providing high quality refurbished products at affordable prices is sure to resonate well with Indian customers. With the expansion of its brand shops, MODMOBILE will become the go-to place for all refurbished cell phones and laptops in the country. This story is provided by PNN. ANI is in no way responsible for the content of this article. (ANI/PNN)

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