Molecular You launches a new preventative solution proven to improve health outcomes over 100 days

Molecular You Corporation

With a single blood draw, patients receive a comprehensive health assessment and a tailored action plan to reduce their risk of disease

Molecular You app

Molecular You's health assessment solution is delivered through their mobile application.  Now available for iOS and Android.

Molecular You’s health assessment solution is delivered through their mobile application. Now available for iOS and Android.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — molecular you announced the launch of its preventative digital health solution, based on a new type of blood test and leveraging its expertise in biomarker analysis. The results of a recent pilot project with 122 participants show an average risk reduction of over 50% for areas such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cognitive health after following the recommended interventions for 100 days.

Based on a single blood draw, Molecular You analyzes current health risk in over 26 areas, including cognitive health, diabetes, heart disease and liver health. Based on these results, the platform designs an action plan with precise lifestyle changes that can improve a person’s health outcomes – these changes are measured in a four-month follow-up blood test.

“Molecular You’s metabolomics and proteomics profiling enables you to closely monitor your health and conduct effective health care,” said Dr. Pieter Cullis, co-founder of Molecular You. “Unlike genetic testing, we can detect disease trends and suggest specific lifestyle changes to delay or prevent the onset of the disease.”

The company is delivering its solution through a suite of digital tools, including a non-identifiable data insight dashboard, a consumer-facing mobile app, and a video calling feature to provide additional support to users. Blood draws are performed by a convenient network of partner laboratories including Dynacare in Ontario and DynaLIFE in Alberta.

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“We believe that preventive solutions are the answer to the unsustainable pressure on our healthcare system,” says Dr. Rob Fraser, CEO. “Our solution is the first of its kind in Canada and we look forward to working with insurers, employers and healthcare providers to bring Molecular You to as many people as possible.”

The Molecular You app is available for download for iOS and Android devices. The service is currently available in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario.

About Molecular You
Molecular You enables organizations to assess and guide their workforce toward better health while giving individuals unprecedented insight into their chronic disease risks. Based on a new type of blood test, we can assess hundreds of biomarkers and translate the results into targeted lifestyle interventions, delivered through our simple digital platform.
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