Mom finds son dead in ditch using iPhone tracking app after he didn’t come home

Josh Ashworth’s body was found in a ditch along the A52, just outside Grantham, Lincolnshire, by his mother Rachael, who was using the iPhone tracking app to track her son’s recent movements

Josh Ashworth was walking home on the A52 when he died

A mother used an iPhone tracking app to find her son dead in a ditch after he didn’t return home from a night out.

Josh Ashworth, 22, was walking home on the A52 just outside Grantham, Lincolnshire, around 9.30pm on April 22 last year when he was struck by a BMW being driven by disqualified driver Cole Tresidder, also 22.

Lincoln Crown Court heard that Josh was in touch with his family through his iPhone that evening, and when he didn’t return home the next morning, they began searching for him.

Steven Gosnell, prosecutor, said Josh’s family and friends went to the location on the A52 after the locator app on his iPhone showed it was stationary at the scene near Somerby Hill.

Tragically, just after 7am, Josh was found lying face down in a ditch by his own mother, Rachael Ashworth, Mr Gosnell told the court.

Josh was found dead in a ditch by his own mother

The court heard Tresidder fled the scene and failed to report the collision, despite the damage to the BMW he left nearby.

Just before the collision, Tresidder was seen by another vehicle whose occupants believed he had exceeded the speed limit, Mr Gosnell said.

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Josh’s own mother was the one who discovered his body

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