Mom’s ‘reverse’ transformation photo stuns the internet: ‘Stunning’

A TikTok trend has left the internet stunned after it led to a mum revealing what she really looked like.

TikTok user Lindsey Frencken decided to take part in the Catfish Challenge – where users compare their profile pictures to their current appearance.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: ‘Catfish’ stuns the internet with ‘reverse’ transformation.

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The video, titled “The Disrespect,” first features Frencken’s filtered profile picture – in which she poses with a full face of makeup and curly blonde hair.

Before she reveals her true appearance, a voiceover says, “Okay, I have a challenge for you guys, take your profile picture, green it, you sit in front of it and let’s see how many of you catfish are *****s .”

Mum leaves the internet stunned after revealing what she really looks like Credit: Mum leaves the internet stunned after revealing what she really looks like/TikTok/@lindseyfrencken

The photographer and mother of two then shows up, shocking everyone.

She now had a completely different look – no makeup, with straight and darker hair.

The “reverse” transformation went viral, garnering over a million views and leaving hundreds of commenters stunned – one even claimed she was a “shape-shifter”.

“My jaw dropped,” wrote a second.

Because others couldn’t believe it was the same person.

“Is that even the same girl? Lol,” one asked.

With a second writing: “Lol oh my god doesn’t even look like the same person.”

“Wait a minute… that’s not you lol,” said a third.

But some were less amused — they not only blew up the mother, but “the world.”

“That’s why I have trust issues,” wrote one commenter.

“Yes, and that’s what’s wrong with the world,” said another cynically.

While a third was less harsh: “You guys are beautiful both ways but now I’m afraid to get married. Must see all faces first.”

Hundreds of commenters were stunned by the reverse transformation, with many questioning if it was “the same girl.” Credit: TikTok/@lindseyfrencken

However, most were just jealous of her abilities.

“Wait what?? I didn’t expect to have to really work on my makeup skills,” said one.

With another addition: “Skillllllllls. We need a tutorial.”

“Girl, your makeup skills are (fire). Like I’m striving to be THAT good!’ A third commented.

“You’re gorgeous either way, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise,” praised another.

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