Monkey pool party becomes latest animal meme to trend on social media

The latest video of a group of baby monkeys splashing around in a pool has been making the rounds on social media and can be added to the long list of animal-related memes that constantly grab people’s attention.

First posted on social media, the video shows a group of baby monkeys jumping into a pool from a great height and then swimming across the pool.

The video begins with several excited monkeys gathered on a wooden plank a few meters above a swimming pool and diving into the pool one after the other almost synchronously. A few monkeys are already in the pool, swimming and chilling in the water. Some monkeys can also be seen around the pool while those who have had a nice swim can be seen exiting the pool.

Often quoted as an animal fact, while most monkeys love to play in water, not all can physically swim. This is especially true of the larger monkey species, which cannot swim and even have some water phobia. But some other species can swim because their fingers and toes allow them to slide through water much like humans do.

The video went viral in no time, garnering over 1.5 million views and 42,000 likes, with many reposting it or commenting on it with funny quotes.

A Twitter handle that regularly shared cute animal videos posted this clip with the caption, “Monkeys Having Fun.”

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