Montgomery County Community College raises $100,000 to launch Early College Academy pilot program – Mainline Media News

Montgomery County Community College will start the new year with funding to support a pilot program designed to help students earn college credits while they are still in high school.

Montco Early College Academy recently received $100,000 in federal funding through Rep. Madeleine Dean’s fiscal year 2023 proposal for community projects. The funding will allow 100 students in Montgomery County Title 1-qualified high schools to enroll in the pilot program during the 2022-2023 school year.

“Montgomery County Community College provides higher education and opportunities to many students in our area, and I’m excited to help MCCC expand access to education in our communities,” said Dean. “Far too often, students face barriers to learning – such as the cost of books and materials, technology, and other key needs to overcome food and/or home insecurity. This funding will support students facing these obstacles so they can begin their education and focus on their future.”

Participating students take three online courses, a first-year experience course focused on strategies for college success, followed by an English course and a math course. The model creates tailored pathways that can accommodate both students who need academic support in preparing for college-level coursework and advanced students who wish to pursue higher-level coursework.

The funding includes the cost of the three courses offered by MCCC at a discounted rate of $197 per course and a small stipend for textbooks. Upon completion of courses, students earn up to 12 college credits and gain experience and confidence in dealing with the college environment.

“On behalf of Montgomery County Community College, I am overjoyed and grateful to receive this financial support for our Early College Academy students,” said Tiffany Webber, Executive Director of Educational Partnerships. “Funding initiatives like this directly help support our mission to improve access to post-secondary education.”

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The pilot program is the initial phase of a comprehensive Montco Early College Academy. Beginning with the College and Career Readiness Academy, high school students complete entry-level English and math courses, plus additional coursework to develop soft skills for employment, such as: B. Communication, problem-solving, technical and information skills, critical and creative thinking, and respecting different perspectives, among others, prepare you for success in a post-secondary college experience without the need for developmental courses.

Montco Early College Academy gives students a head start in their college education and career while saving significant tuition fees. For more information, email [email protected] or call 215-641-6551.